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SunFest 2015 on Friday was Packed with Entertainment

SunFest 2015 on Friday was Packed with Entertainment


The third day of SunFest 2015 was like a God-sent gift for all revelers longing that this Friday, May 1st they would see a wonderful weather setting the right tone for the weekend’s big party. Blue sky, sunny day, in the low 80. Couldn’t ask for a better day to enjoy the schedule of an event packed with entertainment and great music.

Walking along Clematis Street you could feel the house music nip in the air. The headliner of the night: “KasKade”, one of the top DJ’s and music producers in the world. It was terrific for West Palm Beach that a regular at Vegas and Miami Ultra Music Fest performed this year at SunFest on a Friday Night.

Beads used by the attendees to the EDM gig by Kaskade

Music festivals all over the world are increasing in attendees who prefer electronic music. It is a more lively show than the traditional presentation of feature artists promoting their most recent albums or greatest hits. Electronica and Dance Music (EDM) headliners create a truly special environment with amazing positive energy where everyone is about the same age and DJs come to put a show packed with laser shows, dancing flash lights, exploding fire and video graphic presentations on various screens around the stage.

SunFest 2015 brought Kaskade on Friday, May 1. A headliner to many festivals in the country and all over the world, he is one of the biggest names in the electronic music industry who is used to draw arena-type audiences like Coachella and Ultra Music Miami. Attendees to SunFest on Friday night were by leaps and bounds the highest crowd since SunFest 2015 started on Wednesday and it was quite a diverse audience seemingly between the late teens and 35 year-old range.

The Ford stage set for Kaskade’s gig was the perfect one in the beautiful West Palm Beach waterfront scenario, extending onto the great green lawn of Clematis Street, providing space wide enough for revelers to dance and jump whenever the beat was dropped by Kaskade.

During the hour and a half Kaskade was delighting everyone with remix, virtually exotic landscape scenes in video screens, solid lighting and sound effects, you could feel a sense of community among the attendees that could have only been dreamed by the creators of Facebook or Twitter. Kaskade is one of the DJs in the industry that has the best audience following him and this proved to be a fact in West Palm Beach. Even revelers from as far as Chicago and Denver were present in SunFest on Friday night, just because of Kaskade’s performance.

EDM is, unapologetically, the music of the millenial generation. A generation which has witnessed the greatest technological upheaval since the industrial revolution. This type of shows don’t happen everyday in West Palm Beach and EDM revelers always need to go away to other cities. It was a fabulous thing that SunFest organizers landed Kaskade to perform in West Palm Beach and hopefully it will be the threshold for other popular and influential DJs in the country to tour our city on future SunFest festivals.

SunFest 2015 on Friday was packed with entertainment during the night performances and also during the day.

Earlier on was the 5K race along downtown West Palm Beach starting from Palm Beach Atlantic University heading south onto Flagler Drive to finish at the heart of SunFest to enjoy all the music events of the night.

The floating Captain Morgan’s Oases barges were packed and loud this Friday offering alternative to SunFest goers to a more traditional stage to dance with gorgeous views of the waterfront, also being the ideal setting for people to chat over refreshing drinks.

Other performances in SunFest on Friday night included 311, the popular American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska who had delighted SunFest crowds in years before and pleased all present at the FPL stage with the best blend of their rock, reggae, hip hop and funk music.

Thus far, SunFest 2015 on Friday has been the best night. If not a convincingly strong enough argument, let fans’ twitter speak now:

SunFest 2015 on Friday was Packed with Entertainment. See What it was Like Being at SunFest on Friday Night, May 1 with Kaskade as the Headliner and others.

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