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311 Performance at SunFest

311 Performance at SunFest

Just minutes after SunFest announced on its Facebook page the lineup for the event his year, twitters users plagued the social net passing on the news. Happy fans of the band will see their dreams come true when 311 performed at the FPL Stage on Friday May 1 at 9:15 PM. The band 311 brought a mix of Rock, Rap, Reggae and Funk to SunFest. The concert was a dazzling one to cap a day plenty of fun.

The rock band 311 formed in Omaha, Nebraska. This city in the center of the country is best known for its hospitality and the energy typical of a city on the move. Being at a concert performed by 311 is just like that: high-spirited, vibrant. This band is a regular and headliner of many festivals around the country and SunFest, the largest music and arts festival by the waterfront in Florida will be a superb venue for the band to act at its best through smash hits like: Don’t Stay Home, Amber, Flowing, You Wouldn’t Believe, Down, I’ll Be Here Awhile, Beautiful Disaster, Large in the Margin and Love Song among many others more.

311 has a comparatively deep catalog of music through a three decade-long career. Fans who have followed the band for years say that they have too many songs for you to have a favorite. On March 10 and 11, 2012, 311 played 79 different songs over the course of the 2 nights at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. During SunFest 2015, fans will not be this lucky, but once the moment comes for the curtain calls, they will be guaranteed to leave the stage area with the feeling of having been part of a historical concert in West Palm Beach.

Some of 311’s best videos:

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”311 performing…” playlist_yt=”eDvnSyjuPUA, 6eDJV7KB19o, 9jj_SpukN6o, FzkA80O-SQw, bKwVFxhykZ8, ioSY1oEpdQA” playlist_auto_play=”0″]



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