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5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Face When You Live in Florida

5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Face When You Live in Florida

5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Face When You Live in Florida

Living in a tropical climate is great because we don‘t have to deal with blizzards, ice or even fall. The trade-off is that we have almost constant exposure to the sun, and not just any sun but tropical sun exposure that’s extra strong because we are so close to the line of the equator.

We also live in almost constant high temperatures that cause our pores to release our coveted skin moisture in the form of visible and invisible microscopic sweat. This means that our moisture simply evaporates and is constantly being lost. This constant surrender of fluid from our pores can result in clogged pores, acne and dehydrated devitalized skin.
Humidity is also a double edged word; on one hand it is much more desirable than frigid ice and snow, but it can also cause skin inflammation and helps nasty bacteria to adhere to our skin.

Keep positive though, there are simple remedies for all of these challenges. Here are 5 best things you can do for your face:

5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Face When You Live in Florida
Makeup and styling in photos by Adam Revsen.

1- Get a treatment facial with an ultrasound finish.
There is nothing wrong with getting a relaxing facial with some massage and aromatherapy. They are beneficial because they relieve stress and send the mind a clear message that you are taking care of yourself. If you want to use your beauty time (and money) more effectively, get a treatment facial. A treatment facial targets your problem areas, whether those problems are acne or simply dry skin. The “tool box” that estheticians are able to offer today is chock full of serums, new treatment machines, fresh protocols and amazing product technology. One stunning advance in technology is ultrasound for the face. This time-proven technology painlessly uses radio frequency waves to penetrate serums deep into the skin. It also instantly sends messages to the collagen cells to reproduce, resulting in plump, fresh skin that can more efficiently produce hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the component of our skin that is responsible for holding moisture. Facial ultrasound also relieves under-eye swelling and fluid retention. When I first discovered ultrasound treatment, even I was astounded at the stunning, instant visible results that it produced.

2- Explore the new crop of sunscreens and antioxidant serums.
The new and improved sunscreens are “physical sun blocks”; this means that they use safer ingredients to block the sun physically rather than chemically.

A superior one will even add antioxidants and protective enzymes to the mix. There are serums that contain a patented ingredient called CE Ferulic, which when applied to the skin, soaks in so deep that it remains in the epidermis for 48 hours, complimenting and strengthening sunscreen use. Look for formulas that contain zinc or titanium oxides. Modern formulas are also water and sweat proof. If your sunscreen melts off it can’t protect you as well as one that stays in place. Be sure to uses sunscreen even in the shade, as the harmful rays are present even on an overcast day. For makeup wearers, sunscreen applied as a primer before makeup is just fantastic. It keeps makeup in place and looking moist and dewy.

3- Get a diamond peel microder-mabrasion with an LED light therapy finish.
Even though microdermabrasion has been in the USA since 1996, a lot of people have never experienced it’s astonishing, exfoliating, resurfacing, deep-cleaning results. When it was first introduced here, microdermabrasion consisted of a wand that shot out crystals of ammonium hydroxide to sand blast dead skin and debris away.

The second wave of machines, called diamond peel machines, were vastly improved. The new technology utilizes a vacuum connected to a wand that employs a metal tip that is covered with embedded polished abrasive diamond fragments. This allows for multiple passes and the vacuum force removes dead skin, improves the appearance of scars, promotes collagen synthesis, and also draws out comedones and other skin gremlins. A great way to finish a microdermabrasion session is to add some LED light therapy in lieu of a final mask. LED penetrates deeply to stimulate new collagen growth, improve circulation and revive tired, dull skin. This new modality is painless and has absolutely no side effects. Kim Zolciak and Paula Abdul are said to be fans of LED and if you’ve seen them lately, you can see why! *Tip-Integrate a facial with your microdermabrasion for maximum results and less side effects.

4- Explore the new serums, moisturi-zers and treatment products.
In the world of professional skincare we are afforded the most amazing breakthroughs in product techno-logy. The cutting edge comes to estheticians first. What a great time to be a skincare expert! Who would have ever thought that there would be ingredients that instantly smooth lines, blur pore size, and even remove damaged skin cells? That time is now.

Super antioxidants, stem cells, nerve cell relaxing serums and enzymes are revolutionizing skin care. Moisturizers aren’t just H2O based anymore; they contain hyaluronic acid, nut/seed oils and peptides that instantly rejuvenate surface skin cells. The new treatment products are simply revolutionary. If anyone tells you that there is not a lot that product technology can do for the skin; they are misinformed.

The combination of a well-educated esthetician, blended with up to the minute product knowledge can vastly improve and change the overall appearance, health and quality of your skin.

5- Get your makeup done professionally, even if just once.
If you’ve never had your makeup done professionally, try it at least once. Not only will you look great when you’re done, but it’s a valuable learning experience. Having your makeup applied professionally allows you to step out of the box and look at yourself through new eyes.

When you go in for your appointment, avoid trying to “drive the bus”. Allow the artist to do as they wish and if possible, use a hand mirror to see what they are doing as they do it. A makeup artist can look at you with an unprejudiced eye, providing you with a fresh, totally different vantage point.

A good makeup artist will share a wealth of tips on how to accentuate your best features and look your best. When I do a makeup lesson, (a lot of makeup artists offer these), I even send you home with a written chart describing everything that I did.

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Follow These Advises to Learn Best Things You Can Do for Your Face When You Live in Florida. Learn How to Take care of Your Skin in Florida’s Sunny Weather

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