6 Easy Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales by at Least 33%

If you would like to increase your business, an e-commerce store may be a very good investment. Furthermore, just developing a website alone would not attract the consumers you desire.

For your website to be effective, it has to be designed effectively. One of the important factors associated with e-commerce design is Search Engine Optimization. Potential prospects must be able to locate your website online in order for it to be discovered. Most users today use search engines while looking for information.

For any given search phrase, you could get numerous amounts of various results. However, a lot of people do not search beyond the first three pages of search engine results.

Potential customers and sales are then lost by the inability to locate your website through search engines. Owning a higher ranked position among the search engines must be a top priority for e-commerce design. Now, let’s look at 6 easy ways to increase your E-Commerce sales by at least 33%:

1. Present your product honestly

A crucial point associated with e-commerce design is to actually present your product or service. For instance, if you are selling the common weight loss product known as White Bean Extract, you want to be clear when marketing it online.

Make sure you include weight loss product in your outline. You don’t want to express it as a normal way to build up your health. Customers looking over this description may feel deceived and even upset when they click on your website and find out that you are selling a weight loss product.

The very best advice is to remain honest and upfront with what you are marketing. By earning customers’ trust first, they’re more likely to buy your products.

2. Include high quality content

While e-commerce design will likely require the usage of particular keywords to market your products, this technique alone will never attract visitors to your website. Nowadays the search engine spiders are detecting exact content from keyword filled pages or articles.

To maintain and achieve a good position among all the major search engines, your website has to include high quality content that is well presented. Most people that are using the Internet are searching for information. If your website cannot give solutions to the questions they’re seeking, they may look elsewhere.

3. Include an FAQ page and your company information

Make sure you give sufficient information about the product or service you’re selling. Think about exactly what questions potential prospects may have about your product or service. It is better to include a FAQ section within your e-commerce website.

On this page you could list answers to most of the questions asked about your product. Make sure you include a way for customers to make contact with you if they have more questions. It is better to have more than one way of contact.

The more info you provide concerning your company such as email, physical address, or phone number, the more customers are to feel comfortable in placing a purchase with you.

4. Include easy access to purchase your product

Another good e-commerce design strategy is to positively market your product. If you have a product to sell, be forward and upfront about it. Let customers realize the attributes of your product and why it is better than other similar products on the market.

Your website must include a quick-to-locate “purchase now” or “order now button.” If customers cannot quickly find how to purchase your product, they’re not likely to waste a lot of time looking for this information. If they get frustrated and search elsewhere, you have simply lost a potential customer.

5. Include multiple pages of quality content

If you are familiar with e-commerce design, then you have possibly heard the common phrase, “content is king.” It simply means that in order to draw in customers to your site and position high with the top search engines, you should have well-written content, with the understanding that having good content is only just the first step.

The range of pages your e-commerce website contains can also greatly affect the number of traffic to your website. Generally the more pages a website has, the more likely it is to get a high number of daily traffic.

6. Make sure your content is unique and original

An important hint to take note of is that when writing content for your website, make sure the info is unique and useful. There are many websites that let you download article content at no cost but this content most likely has been used in many other websites.

If your content is related to that on another website, the search engines are not going to rate your website too favorably. You must either take the time to create unique content of yours or hire a temporary writer to do the job for you.

If you choose to hire someone to write your content, ensure you have full rights to all the content you purchase.

Developing a Website Alone Would not Attract the Consumers you Desire. Learn 6 Easy Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales by at Least 33%

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