Monday, August 2, 2021

WPB Magazine is a quarterly premiere subscription and newsstand-based lifestyle publication in the city of West Palm Beach that is geared towards locals and visitors and offers an insider’s guide to lifestyle, things to do, and places to go in West Palm Beach or nearby in a sophisticated combination of topics about fashion, beauty, health, philanthropy, arts, culture, dining, travel, local people, and entertainment among others more.

The magazine reaches a large audience through its quarterly print & digital issues and through its constantly up-to-date website. West Palm Beach Magazine is a bridge between locals, visitors and merchants and an avenue of information to fascinate the avid reader’s interest in all things about West Palm Beach.

WPB Magazine
Phone: (561) 366-2691 | Fax: (561) 366.2584
Mailing Address: PO Box 4525, West Palm Beach, FL 33402

WPB Magazine (Print Edition) is published quarterly with exclusive stories that are not available in this website.

Questions? Call our customer service at (561) 366-2691

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