5K Race Palm Beach Zoo 2016
More than 800 people registered to participate in the race

Thank You. Just two words to appreciate the pouring support I have seen at the Annual 5K Race at Palm Beach Zoo, which has been renamed to honor late beloved zookeeper, Stacy Kowinser.

Each year —for the past 4 years— I have participated in the Save the Tiger races organized by the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society in order to help support the Malayan tiger, one of the most endangered of the 5 remaining species of tigers in the planet. I had never experienced anything alike the support people in West Palm Beach manifested today towards their favorite zoo!

Annual 5K Race at Palm Beach Zoo
Andrew M. Aiken, President & CEO of Palm Beach Zoo speaks minutes before the race started

Minutes before the race started, Andrew M. Aiken, CEO and President of the Palm Beach Zoo said a short inspirational speech to appreciate the support of the community in West Palm Beach to a zoo that still grieves the loss of a beloved animal lover. “Around 400 people participate on average in the Save the Tiger 5K Races”, Andrew said to the crowd expecting the go-ahead to run. “this year more than 700 people registered to participate”. The race has been renamed as Stacey Konwiser Memorial Save The Tiger 5K Race.

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Zoos exist to study, celebrate and help protect animals and their habitats. This has been at the hardcore of the Palm Beach Zoo mission throughout the years as they provide the very best for the animals entrusted to their care. As the Zoo continues to work with the Wildlife Conservation Society supporting species and habitat, days like today give their staff and the entire world a ray of hope that efforts to research, protect and preserve the natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation, and wildlife matter to many.

5K Race 2016 – Photo Gallery

A complete collection of photos of the Palm Beach Zoo’s Annual 5K Race is available on our Facebook Page.