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New Art Installations Make a Merry Holiday Season on the Square

New Art Installations Make a Merry Holiday Season on the Square

New Art Installations Make a Merry Holiday at Rosemary Square

We all love weekends –and holidays!!– because it means a rest from the daily grind, a chance to enjoy the best of all. Lucky for us, great weather and new art installations on Rosemary Square are here to make this holiday season a memorable experience for everyone.

The new “Water Pavilion West Palm” joins the already beloved “Wishing Tree” on the square and it is a unique experience that allows viewers to walk in and out of “rooms” created by vertical columns of water. It is Jeppe Hein‘s first permanent water interactive sculpture in the US. Hein is a Danish artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen, known for his public projects and exhibitions all over the world that combine elements of humor and conceptual art to create endless connections aimed at more harmony and a better social lifestyle.

CityPlace underwent a robust reimagination to become Rosemary Square with changes that involve improvement to public spaces and new retail experiences, restaurants, offices, and residencies while embracing art, culture, and community events in a way that turns this district into a dynamic neighborhood that enriches all lives.

Watch Ballet Florida perform by the new “Water Pavilion West Palm” while artist Jeppe Hein invites people to interact with his installation:

The centerpiece at the heart of the square creates playful and inspirational moments right at the core where architecture, art, and technological advantages meet to embrace the strong emotional and aesthetic elements of our community, contributing to its vibrancy and well being.

“The installation consists of two rings of water which are as two people somehow in the world that come together in the middle to meet each other and then, something happens when they meet,” said Jeppe Hein during the celebration and commemoration event on Friday. “My work, in general, is about that. My work is communicating. It is about dialogue.”

The new Water Pavilion will create a lot of smiles and happiness among all people and will be a fantastic, iconic landmark in West Palm Beach for years to come.

New Art Installations Make a Merry Holiday at Rosemary Square
Guests at the Water Pavilion West Palm on Rosemary Square, Friday, December 6, 2019 (Photo Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

The festive lineup of events for the holiday season on Rosemary Square also includes nightly snowfalls, music and dance performances by local cultural institutions, and a daily spectacular light show of The Wishing Tree, the towering 32-foot-tall LED banyan tree created by Symmetry Labs. Check here the complete schedule of events.

Don’t miss the next winter edition of WPB Magazine for an exclusive feature on the making of the Water Pavilion, an interview with artist Jeppe Hein, before and after photos, and much more.

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