Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pedro Penalver

“Love Conquers Wall:” An expression of love for this community

Renda Writer's handwritten art describes a playful message of love that resonates during these times.

City Pizza Offering Daily Special Offer for Medical Workers

In these challenging times, medical workers don't have to pay much for a good meal.

New Art Installations Make a Merry Holiday Season on the Square

The new "Water Pavilion West Palm" the "Wishing Tree" on the square are unique experiences.

Clematis St. 200 Block Open Back for Business

It is more functional and there's more space for people to walk and enjoy the street.

Salento Coffee: Ahh, Freshly Brewed Colombian Coffee

Freshly brewed Colombian coffee right in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach.

Esperanza Awards Recipients: Women Making Significant Impact

Three women making significant impact in the Hispanic community of Palm Beach County.

SunFest Music Highlights: Electrifying Gigs Beyond the Rain

Some electrifying performances took place beyond the rain that jammed the 4-day festival.

The Big Cat 5K Race 2019: a Mix of Old and New Runners

Participants ran to help fund the Zoo’s partnership with Wildlife Conservation Society.