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Best Food Experiences at SunFest 2019

Best Food Experiences at SunFest 2019

Best Food Experiences at SunFest 2019

SunFest, billed as South Florida’s largest music festival by the waterfront, should also be praised for its food variety. It seems like it just gets better each year.

Music festivals have come a long way since the first one—1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain. One of the biggest changes that have attracted bigger crowds besides music acts and entertainment options, is creating equally impressive food and drink lineups for hot and hungry festival-goers. SunFest deserves credit for that.

With dozens of thousands of people coming to the festival every year, the food court is at the hardcore of it all featuring popular food stands for an awesome dining experience when music gives a break.

SunFest’s ubiquitous, staple food is the Pineapple Chicken. There’s just something about this quick stir-fry, coconut-curry chicken served inside a hollowed-out pineapple that everybody likes and it is as delicious as it is colorful.

Another tried-and-true dish is the Island Noodle with Teriyaki Chicken loaded with mouthwatering sticky, savory and slightly sweet chicken.

Here are some of the best food experiences at SunFest 2019

Watch the Guaca Go Experience at SunFest 2019

A Cuban Food Experience at SunFest 2019

best food experiences at SunFest 2019



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