A Bird in the Hand is Better at Whole Foods
View of the Bird in the Hand located inside Whole Foods in the Marketplace of the Palm Beach Outlets. It occupies the dining area at the south end of the store. (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

Whole Foods grew in popularity because it was the only store that sold certain specialty food products; and it continues to sell local food products that you regularly can’t find at a common grocery chain—often more expensive. But if you’re one of those people who complain that Whole Foods is too expensive, the ‘Bird in the Hand’ is now your chance to become one of the many people you see in the store every single day, and for some good reasons.

The Bird in the Hand is a new fast-casual restaurant available in the Whole Foods Market of the Palm Beach Outlets, offering hot, juicy, plate-ready Rotisserie chicken and other really great, high-quality food items.

The store is really a good gathering space for people to get together, enjoy great food and connect. Many Whole Foods Markets across the nation are offering now fast casual “food hall experience” concepts with the flexibility of both healthy or hearty options; others transforming their food court into hot spots for dining experiences like the one the Bird in the Hand is bringing to the West Palm Beach area.

Customers having lunch at the Bird in the Hand . (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

Its menu is themed around rotisserie proteins, with entrees such as lemon rosemary bird ($14), twenty spice bird ($14) and black truffle prime rib ($18), all prepared in-house daily with a special combination of herbs and spices. There’s also a signature option for vegetarians: fire-roasted cauliflower ($13).

These rotisserie chicken are bigger and taste different than most grocery stores around. Collab Hospitality culinary team chef Malcolm Williams says his staff cooks them to the right temperature [USDA safety standard] and are careful not to overcook them, using natural flavoring marinates that give the chicken that crisp, golden skin.

“While the ideas and flavors are timeless, the [Bird in the Hand] interpretation is modern and fresh. It’s delicious, accessible and designed to be great both in-stores and delivered,” said Collab Hospitality CEO Manuel Bornia who conceptualized the menu and operates the new American rotisserie eatery in partnership with Whole Foods Market.

Side dishes include pretzel mac and cheese, pee wee potato dippers with avocado aioli, maple-roasted bacon brussels and garden mashed potatoes, all of them at $6 each.

The menu, created to include variety and fast ordering options, also features sandwiches and salads with prices ranging from $5 to $8. The choice list includes rotisserie chicken sandwich with choice of sauce ($10) and the juicy beef and Cheddar sandwich with caramelized onion ($11). Salads — all of which come with the option of added protein — include spinach summer salad ($8), kale “horiatiki” salad ($8) and classic Caesar ($8). Customers also can choose from a selection of house-made desserts, such as carrot cake ($5), chocolate peanut butter cake ($5) and red velvet cake ($5).

People who have made takeout rotisserie chicken as much of a weeknight staple as a box of macaroni in the cupboard will love the Bird’s savory sandwiches and their pretzel mac and cheese.

The options for food at lunchtime or dinner at Whole Foods are basically endless. The addition of the Bird in the Hand enhances the store’s food experience concept and widens food delivery options for customers, now including fast, fine food with a natural and healthier taste ringing the bell at their doors.

If you visit (of course, you should) the Bird in the Hand is located inside Whole Foods in the Marketplace of the Palm Beach Outlets at 1845 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. It occupies the dining area at the south end of the store. The restaurant is open seven days a week, serving its full menu from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

You can also follow them @birdisbetter on social media for more updates on their offer and services or visit Birdisbetter.com.

A ‘Bird in the Hand’ is better at Whole Foods.