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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Real estate talk with local retired agent William Roger Cummings

Cummings is a retired real estate agent in the Palm Beaches with over 40 years of experience.

Chef Lindsay Autry: Taking soulful cooking to where it all began

Interview with Lindsay Autry, Executive Chef at The Regional Kitchen and Public House.

Chef Rick Mace, the BBQ King chooses simplicity over secrets

Chef Rick Mace, owner and executive chef of Tropical Smokehouse, chooses simplicity over secrets.

West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery

Q&A with Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery, with Loïc (pronounced loo-eek), the culinary genius behind Loïc Bakery.

Ricardo, a Provider of Bespoke Experiences in the Palm Beaches

Bespoke, as in made-to-order or custom made, tailoring has been around for centuries. The term was originally made popular in the 1700s in London...

A Renaissance Man Singing Timeless Songs that Tear at your Heartstrings

Steve Tyrell, has been in the music scene for nearly five decades, singing songs that have been ripped from the pages of the Great American Songbook.

From Coconut Guy to Ganache Guy, Jamal Lake Finds “Passionate Baker” his Best Title Yet

Jamal Lake, who has a passion for baking, is inspired by a contagious love for serving city workers and teaching locals how to bake delicious goodies.

Samantha Mighdoll, a Creative and Logical Person Who Loves the Arts

Maritza Cosano interviews Samantha Mighdoll, Marketing Manager at Palm Beach Dramaworks, in a candid conversation about arts, life goals, and expectations.

Rick Gonzalez is Loving City Life and Walking Away from a Car-Centric Society

Interview with Rick Gonzalez, president of REG Architects about the changes already happening in West Palm Beach.

Moreno’s Cuba Blends With Grand Havana Coffee Resulting in Tasty, Tropical Fuel

When you read about Moreno’s story, it’ll probably make you run to the nearest “ventanita”—that addictive little Cuban window—for a shot of authentic Cuban coffee and a slice of Cuban food and fare.

Reginald Ellison: One Man Sax Band

A South-Florida based saxophonist, born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, he began playing the saxophone at the age of 10 in his school’s band and has been playing ever since.

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Full moon in the Palm Beaches: More than once in a Blue Moon

In Palm Beach County, there are several popular places. Check this one out.

Vincent’s Bistro French Bakery, what a taste of France!

Vincent’s Bistro French Bakery brings a fresh and European flair to Lucerne Avenue, giving locals a taste of France.

Subculture Film Festival: How a regional filmmakers festival came together

Everybody is invited to attend this festival. It will run from October 20 to 22.

Jenny Connell Davis, first playwright in residence at Palm Beach Dramaworks

A conversation with Jenny Connell Davis, first playwright in residence at Palm Beach Dramaworks, downtown West Palm Beach.

Three jazz vocalists bring their languorous ballads to ‘Soul in the City Jazz Experience’

Jazz vocalists like Teneal, Norwood, and Henry are participating in a concert series which is the perfect platform for improvisation.