Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Clara by Artist Sean Yoro

Clara by Artist Sean Yoro (Hula). Cick to enlarge - by Sandra Schulman arts writer, music and film producer.

Sean Yoro, who goes by the name Hula, painted Clara, the most ambitiously placed mural for CANVAS under the Royal Park Bridge. Clara by Artist Sean Yoro also met the WPB welcoming committee during his stay, who promptly stole his paint supplies and smashed beer bottles against his in-progress mural overnight.

Some people just don’t appreciate art. But undaunted, Yoro taped his feet to protect against all the broken glass on the ground and bought new paints and brushes to finish the job at on the last few days before CANVAS ended. The gorgeous portrait of Clara, a model who posed for him in his Brooklyn studio, stands with a determined look on her face, arm raised as if holding up the very bridge itself. She appears to be naked, but alas, no further skin exists below the tide line. Her blonde hair has morphed to mermaid gray, matching the concrete that surrounds her.

“Clara by Artist Sean Yoro was voted the most popular mural on the web app, despite vandals attempts to kill the art.”

Yoro made a lot of friends during the days he painted, and is looking forward to seeing how the weather and time will affect the mural when he visits it a year from now, and hopes to bring the real model with him.

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Clara by Artist Sean Yoro
Clara Installation at CANVAS WPB

The NYC-based artist has murals all over the world and paddles out to paint them, balancing his acrylic paint on his board all the while. Hula’s love for boards and art stem from his upbringing on the island of Oahu, where he spent most of his days in the ocean. Although he grew up dabbling in graffiti, watercolor, and tattoo art, he didn’t take his work seriously until he began to paint the the human body when he was 21. Hula also uses cracked surfboards as a surface to paint his female portraits.

After the Clara mural he was planning to rest up a few days before jetting off to his next commission in New Zealand.

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