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Clematis St. 200 Block Open Back for Business

Clematis St. 200 Block Open Back for Business

Clematis St. 200 Block Open Back for Business

Happy locals strolled down the newly redesigned 200 block of Clematis Street during a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place from 5:30 p.m. until 8 last night and included complimentary tastings and refreshments from participating restaurants, and music by Denny Artache and Davis & Dow.

After 6-month construction works, the revamped 200 block features a curbeless street design with narrower traffic lanes and wider sidewalks. The overall benefit is more space for people to stroll and enjoy more time outdoors in what is considered the main street of the city.

The Clematis Streetscape project has been a great undertaking to transform Clematis Street into a modern infrastructure that will renew and enhance the vibrant community of West Palm Beach.

“There are so many benefits of this design,” said Keith James, City of West Palm Beach Mayor. “There’s more space for people to walk and enjoy the street. There’s more shade. There’s a safer and more comfortable environment for bicyclists and pedestrians. It is a much more walkable street.”

It is expected that the streetscape will bring more prosperity for local merchants on the blocks that have been redesigned thus far. Merchants have also taken advantage of the street overhaul to invest in outdoor sittings to offer consumers a much more welcoming and enjoyable vibe when they visit.

Many who work, live or have repeatedly visited Downtown West Palm Beach are noticing the changes the area is going through to become a more walkable and enjoyable city in South Florida, and especially the evolution of Clematis Street to become more functional for everyone.

Patrons enjoying dinner at Lynora’s, a popular restaurant on the 200 block of Clematis Street (Photo Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

For me, it’s a gratifying moment to see the evolution of the space,” said Rafel Clemente, executive director of the city’s Downtown Development Authority. “My role here has given me the ability to see this over the almost 14 years that I’ve been at the DDA. And I think the beauty of this design is that it does everything a Main Street does for vehicles but it does so much more for people and businesses.”

Phase II of Clematis Streetscape that also includes the 100 block is expected to finish next month. The rest of the blocks will also be redesigned and construction will start next summer. It’s all part of a $7.6 million project to make the downtown area more pleasant for pedestrians.

As the 200 block gets open back for business, find here attractions and things to do on Clematis Street. It looks fantastic!

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