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CCRWPB: Showcasing West Palm Beach’s Sense of Super Style

CCRWPB: Showcasing West Palm Beach’s Sense of Super Style

An active and engaged audience of fans paraded down the halls of the Palm Beach Convention Center for the second annual Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach, and this year, a two-day event that brought together the interconnected world of comic books, video games, movies, and cosplay.

The event featured a full weekend program, including panels that focused on iconic legends, comic movies, making comics, cosplay, lightsaber demonstrations, and kids themes.

One of the highlights of this year’s Comic Con Revolution was a Stan Lee Tribute moderated by Tommy Walker. The legendary comic book writer who passed in 2018 has been an influence and inspiration to generations of comic book creators like Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Horn and Ming Chen who were present in West Palm Beach’s gathering.

The Convention Center turned into a meeting place of fantasy, from comics to cosplay. Fans decked out in the most imaginative and inventive attire imaginable.

Here’s a look at what happened in CCRWPB 2019:

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween and they’re certainly not just for kids.

Many attendees at Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach 2019 showcased our area’s sense of super style by dressing up as their favorite characters from the worlds of film, TV, comics and gaming. CCRWPB has become a step away from reality and an opportunity for comic book fans to bond over shared hobbies.

If you missed this year’s CCRWPB, maybe next year you can also make your way around the exhibition halls at Palm Beach Convention Center full of vendors, book publishers, and artists who will gladly even make a doodle for you!

Comic Con Revolution: a Showcase of Super Style

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