Electro House Music When DJ Kaskade Takes the Stage in SunFest


Deep tracks inluding electro, electroclash, pop, synthpop, and tech house will be the Electro House music that famous American DJ Kaskade will bring to the Ford stage at SunFest during Friday night on May 1, starting at 9:30 PM.

Every year during the last week of March, there’s an electronic music event held in Downtown Miami and growing in popularity by the years. We are talking about Ultra Music and Kaskade has been a regular. This year, West Palm Beach beautiful Waterfront will delight rave music enthusiasts with a highly acclaimed performance by Kaskade, the DJ who had been nominated in 2013 for two Grammy Awards: the song “Atmosphere” for Best Dance Recording and the album Atmosphere for Best Dance/Electronica Album. Despite being from Chicago, birthplace of House music, Kaskade’s current sound agenda is firmly fixed towards EDM and progressive pastures.

Kaskade is absolutely one of the great artists performing this year in the traditional annual SunFest (see more performers here). He is a good corroboration of the latest trends we have noticed towards how people of different ages are shifting more towards this pulsating beat. Actually, the EDM bubble has burst and it is a top preference for most revelers who will flock towards where a concert might be taking place without hesitation, despite distance or cost.

Kaskade has also kept a long-lasting collaboration with other top-rated electronic music DJs like Deadmau5, he has been a regular to Sin City, Vegas, and has headlined at the world’s top music and arts festivals like Coachella Valley Music Festival and Ultra Music Festival.

This year, residents and visitors in West Palm Beach will feel the catchy beat of the Electro House Music when DJ Kaskade takes the stage in SunFest. Party-goers will undoubtedly get their money’s worth with their SunFest ticket pass for Friday night on May 1.

And now, to get you in the mood for Electro House Music, one of the most prominent genres of electronic dance music today, here’s DJ and record producer, Kaskade’s live performance at EDC Las Vegas last June, 2014.

The Best Electro House Music When DJ Kaskade Takes the Stage in SunFest. Get to Know More About DJ Kaskade Performing at SunFest Friday Night, May 1 at 9:45