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I wish I’d said that! Our favorite answers to the pointless questions singles get asked.

Get in the Game! with Alys and Victoria - A weekly column about love, laughter and Landing Mr. Right.

Whether you’ve been flying solo for five minutes or five decades, chances are you’ve been subjected to the question: why are you single? That’s often followed by a cross-examination of your personal life that makes you feel like you’re on trial for not being in a relationship.

Rather than get tongue tied with excuses, we’ve got some fun answers that will boost your confidence and make you smile.

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Why are you single?
Sometimes this has a compliment slapped on the front of it…”you’re so pretty and smart, why haven’t you found someone?”

We love this question! It’s an opportunity to stand up for yourself and your single brethren everywhere.

Turn the tables. When Victoria is asked why she’s been single so long after her divorce, she stares into her interrogator’s eyes and with a smile says, “He’s on his way. I’m sure he’s just stuck in traffic like everyone else.”

Alys cleverly responds, “I’ve never been married, but I’ve also never been divorced.”

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Another great answer to why you are still single is simply “I’m overqualified.”

I know someone single; can I set you two up?
“Sure, that sounds terrific. In fact, if he’s breathing, we’d be a perfect match.”

Those who aren’t single seem to forget that your relationship status isn’t the only consideration when introducing two people. It’s best to be polite, ask a few more questions and decide whether to accept the matchmaker’s offer.

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These are our favorite answers to the pointless questions singles get asked.

Have you tried online dating?
Here’s your chance to ask for help. “I’ve been online and it’s a fishing expedition. Seriously, it’s a bunch of men posing in photos with fish they’ve caught! Do you know anyone who’s a great catch?” (Learn when to take your online romance Offline)

Are you just too picky?
Translation – you need to lower your standards.
“I threw out my list. Now I’m just looking for mentally stable.”
(Not your type? Congratulations! You might have found “The One”)

Don’t you want to get married?
“Why yes, is that a proposal? Of course I do. I love a great party.”
We love this answer because now that same sex marriage is legal, it works for anyone who asks it!

Are you putting yourself out there?
“Out where?”

Why don’t you get involved with something you like? That’s a great way to meet potential partners?
“I’ve been thinking about taking up sky diving. You know, the couple who jumps together, stays together.”

What about not looking for someone? That’s when it always happens.
Yes, I have a friend who was hit by lightning last week. She never expected it.

What happened to Carl? We liked that one.
He came out. He’s Caitlyn now.

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I wish I’d said that! Our favorite answers to the pointless questions singles get asked Like: Why are you single? Have you tried online dating? & Many More

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