Traveling pauses your monotonous life and brings calmness to it. Travel can range from a small evening stroll to long holidays. A large percentage of people like traveling to enjoy festivals featuring the music or cultural traits they are most interested in.

If for some reasons you like to travel to enrich your life, or because you think you should do it at least once in your life, or to discover who you are or simply to make you a more well-rounded human being; here you are some Festivals around the World that bring people together and can wake up the adventurous individual in you more than ever before.

Holi Color Festival in India

Holi-Color-Festival-in-IndiaThe Holi Festival celebrates the triumph of good over bad, and is held annually between the end of February and the end of March. The colorful festival bridges the social gap, renews sweet relationships and it is a day when people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’.

Holi is observed with great fanfare by Hindus all over the world. Holi celebrations begin on the eve of the festival with bonfires and prayers. On the day of Holi, people throw colored powder and liquids at each other. In addition to the boisterous nature of the festival, this is a time for family members to get together, give gifts, eat special foods and decorate their homes. When love is in the air, you know it is time to celebrate Holi. The festival does not recognize any bars of caste, class or creed. Drenched in colors, everybody comes to resemble each other losing their original self. This is the beauty of this festival. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this festival treats everybody at par, all differences dissolve in the colored water that flows in plentifully.

Winter Light Festival in Japan

Winter-Light-Festival-in-JapanNabano No Sato is a flower-focused park featuring sprawling gardens and giant greenhouses. From mid November to mid March is one of Japan’s finest Winter Illuminations. The park also features an onsen (hot spring), a variety of restaurants including the Nagashima Beer Garden and displays the famous tunnel of light (picture above).

With over 7 million LED lights, the Nabana No Sato botanical garden celebrates winter in elegant style. No matter where you are in Japan, there are many beautiful nighttime illuminations for you to enjoy, and to warm your heart during the cold, dark winter evenings!

Agitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

Agitagueda-Art-Festival-in-PortugalDuring summer, the streets in the Portugal city of Agueda get filled with colorful umbrellas that are hung above some streets of Agueda. The Medieval city on its own is an interesting spot to visit, and this idea to celebrate the Agitagueda Art Festival is a unique travel experience.

Agitagueda, which runs from July 6 to July 28, is an art festival that consists of concerts, shows, cultural events and crafts. The colors are deep and intense. In a paradox that only art can resolve, the umbrellas installation brings both shade and a place in the sun! The colorful canopy not only keeps one away from the scorching heat but also transforms the city into a beautiful sight, bringing a shower of colors.

Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland

Golden-Retriever-Festival-in-ScotlandThis is a festival organized by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland since 2006, gathering an increasingly record number of dogs in attendance each year. Did you ever think about going to a place where you could encounter Golden retrievers and their owners from all over the word, sharing he same love, attention and fascination for the breed?

The definition of “pure happiness” is the image that you get in a field full of golden retrievers smiling at you in unison from a pastoral Scottish meadow. For three days in July in the Scottish Highlands, Golden retrievers from around the world converge to honor the birthplace of the breed, where owners and dogs compete in a dog show and a tug of war contest.

Hey, and they all look alike, you might wonder! Don’t worry, every owner knows its dog at the abandoned home of Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks where the festival takes place.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in USA

Albuquerque-International-Balloon-FiestaRight in our own country, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, during 9 days the sky is filled with more than 500 balloons as the largest hot air balloon festival takes place during October. The Balloon Fiesta, as it is widely known, is where countless people gather at landing sites all over the city to watch incoming balloons.

Each fall, pilots, crews and spectators from all over the world come to the Albuquerque balloon festival, the largest tourism event in New Mexico and the biggest ballooning event in the world. Many hundreds of balloons lift off into the morning and the sight of the balloons held high in the sky is as breathtaking for first-time visitors as it continues to be for veteran attendees to the festival. Spectators are allowed to walk amongst the balloons as they inflate on the launch field every morning, ask questions and meet the pilots.

From a small gathering of 13 balloons in 1972, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has grown to become hands-down, the largest balloon event in the world.

These were just 5 of the festivals around the World that bring people together and will imprint in the traveler a holistic sense of belonging to a universal culture. In future editions we will disclose other festivals around the world and the country for the wondrous globetrotter.

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