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Finally-A No-Fail Resolution

Finally-A No-Fail Resolution

The number one American New Year’s resolution for the past 50 plus years is always the same. Take a guess…..

If you guessed losing weight, you are correct. I will confess that for most of my adult years, this was my New Year’s resolution as well. The great news is that in 2016, I finally cracked the code! I found a way to not only lose the weight, but also to effectively maintain my weight loss permanently. I know, you’re guessing that I found a new medication, or I had a lap band installed-you are wrong. I will tell you right now that it is not a crash diet and it is not some unhealthy, threadbare method of weight loss. Read on and I will tell you precisely all about it, in detail, near the end of this article.

Some history about my weight loss journey first; I have been on so many fad diets that I could open a library filled with all the glossy, 200+ page hardcover books that I have purchased on losing weight fast, losing weight forever, losing it easily and losing it miraculously. The sad truth is that in the long term; none of them worked! One of the books I’d purchased, in my teens, was a book that was touted as a diet book, but was actually a book that proved concisely how and why diets do not work. It is called “Diets Don’t Work”.Diets Don't Work Book by Bob Schwartz

This book changed my life; I still recommend it to anyone with an eating or weight issue. It is not a diet plan but a guide to understanding why you are not slim. The problem though, was that I enjoyed the concept of fad diets. I liked the planning, the diary keeping and the shopping for a cart full of things that I will never eat again like papaya and amaranth (thankfully that’s all behind me now).

The idea that I could buckle down and follow directions and lose 20 pounds in two weeks was a concept that, (though it always ended up failing), gave me that quick instant satisfaction of losing weight very fast. I had also used “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet” by Dr. Rachel Heller to nice results before. The problem was that their rules were too hard to keep up with and you end up walking around starving most of the time, eagerly waiting for that one hour a day that you can eat whatever you want. It was easy at first, but then my body started craving that hour feeding fest so badly that it was all I could think about.

Instead of helping me to put food in its place as a necessary element of living, it made me even more prone to obsessing about it and made food seem like it was life’s greatest reward. I have always been interested in diet and nutrition. I am a self taught cook and I have studied and schooled myself quite effectively about diet myths and nutrition. I have learned over the years that a lot of what dieticians and nutritionists learn in school is based on myth and misinformation. Even our own government published “food pyramid” has been proven to be way off and more based on the FDA helping farmers sell meat and dairy products than helping people eat properly.

I have always sort of “beaten myself up” over the fact that I had all the necessary knowledge but also horrible self control when it comes to eating. Since I was a young teen, I have fluctuated through many different weights. My happiest, healthy weight is around 190, which the BMI (Body/Mass Index) chart says is obese for my frame and height. I have done much research on the BMI chart and my personal consensus, not only based on the fact that it labels me “obese” even at my prime weight, is that it doesn’t take in all of the factors that physiologically make each and every one of us unique.

This chart says that I should be around 155, a weight that since adulthood, I have never been, and also a weight that is ten pounds lower than my thinnest recorded weight; 165. At my leanest, I looked sickly and emaciated, even though I was eating very well and exercising a lot. The lesson here, please ignore the flawed and much disputed BMI chart. You know what weight you function at best. You also know when you are overweight and suffering.

Through most of 2016, I was bloated, unhealthy, overweight and growing more anxious that I had completely lost control over these issues. I had all but stopped exercising, something that I really loved. I was wearing a pant’s size that I am still rather embarrassed to admit, and I could not stop eating all the fatty, greasy things that were wrong for me. When it came to my daily diet, I was precariously self-defeating. My biggest problem was that I love cheese. I can’t just eat one slice either, I need a pound at a time (6-8 slices is a pound of cheese and contains 1750 calories and 126 grams of fat). I also eat meat. I don’t like lean meat, I like greasy, juicy cuts like the chicken legs and porterhouse steak, accompanied with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables. When my eating was out of control, (although I kept my overeating sessions to one late meal and did not eat frequently throughout the day and night), I NEVER felt like my stomach was quite empty.

I always felt like I was in a constant state of indigestion and bloating. I actually yearned for that long absent feeling of an empty stomach. I noted that when I was sick with a cold or the dreaded flu, my appetite disappeared. I could go 2 days with only as much as an apple or a banana. I also noted that I would quickly go down a pant’s size after being ill. My stomach stopped gurgling, the bloat went down and I would sometimes even go right on a diet after recovering to extend these amazing results. (Usually falling off the wagon after about 2 weeks).

Right before I discovered this new “miraculous”, no-fail method to control and maintain my weight, “from ill-to dieting thing” actually happened. I had also fortuitously run across my copy of “Diets Don’t Work” and I made a mental commitment to start reading it and get my weight under control the right way, once and for all. I knew that as part of the “Diets Don’t Work” plan that you HAD to weigh yourself-a daunting feat, to say the least, for someone who had not been near a scale in years! I figured I would get a head start by losing some weight and then when I felt the nerve, I would get on that scary truth-telling scale.

In the meantime, kismet intervened and I saw Jimmy Kimmel on Bill Maher and he said something about being grumpy because he “wasn’t eating that day”. It took me a couple days, but I finally Googled to find out how he lost over 30 pounds and maintained that loss for almost 3 years. He started by crash dieting then discovered this way of eating, which is not a diet, to lose further and maintain his weight. He mentions that he does not exercise at all, which I only mention now to disprove anyone that says “he must be working out a ton”, he says he absolutely is not. What he is doing and more importantly what I am doing is called “Intermittent Fasting”.

I started the same way he did, I was on that post flu, self-imposed healthy eating diet, but I could feel myself getting bored and feeling deprived after one week in. I knew what was next, back to my old ways and gaining the weight back. I had weighed myself and I was absolutely horrified at the verdict; I was extremely overweight. Fast (pun intended) forward to now; I simply choose 2 days a week and on those days I eat 600 or less calories. I have absolutely mastered this and I have lost all the bloat, bulges and excess weight in the space of 9 weeks. I still have about ten pounds to go but I have literally transformed in the space of just over 2 months.

I’ve lost weight differently than I ever had before, it was steady and even. I normally lose fat first from the waist down, but eating this way I lost waist up first-where I wanted to!

As a writer, I always research things thoroughly when I am interested in them, as if I am writing a thesis. In a short time, I have all but perfected this way of eating. I have developed shortcuts and new methods to make succeeding in this new way of eating simple. This is frankly the easiest, most uncomplicated, successful method of losing weight that I have ever found-and I have tried everything short of HCG injections.

2 Days to Skinny: The Rising Phoenix Diet PlanAs I researched and wrote notes for myself to follow, I realized that I had inadvertently written a book! I have detailed my experience with Intermittent Fasting in my brand new book-“2 Days to Skinny: The Rising Phoenix Diet Plan”. In this easy to follow book, I share all of the secrets and methods that I designed to make the low calorie days very simple to master and conquer. The most compelling case for this way of eating isn’t even the primary fact that the weight comes off effortlessly, but the secondary fact that eating this way GUARANTEES that you will never be obese again. I invite you to experience this for yourself. The only preparation is to prime yourself on all the details. Starting the diet takes maybe a half hour of planning and preparation.

Find more information about “2 Days to Skinny: The Rising Phoenix Diet Plan” in this link in Amazon.

*This is not designed to be medical advice. Please see your physician before starting any diet or new health plan.

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