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First Refrigerator with Built-in Coffee Maker

First Refrigerator with Built-in Coffee Maker

For quite a while now, having a single-serve coffee machine in the kitchen is always a much needed addition to our morning routine. One more space-taker in the kitchen; but wouldn’t be nice to have our precious counter space back?

Well, that is possible now thanks to GE and Keurig that have teamed up to create the First Refrigerator with Built-in Coffee Maker.

First-Refrigerator-with-Built-in-Coffee-MakerGE Appliances recently unveiled a refrigerator that uses its hot-water dispenser and Keurig K-Cup pods to create single-serve beverages, meant to free up kitchen counter space and allow consumers to brew coffee and tea. This Fall we will be able to enjoy the unexpected convenience of hot single-serve brewing at our fridge. It is going to be a good reason to stare at the refrigerator.

Customers have already been using the hot-water dispenser to make soup, tea, and cocoa with the push of a button. The feature proved popular, and GE looked for a way to expand it with the GE Café Series refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System. GE Café French doors have had in-door, hot-water dispensers for a while now, but the appliances have just merged with Keurig coffee makers to create a mutant fridge that can brew java right from its door.

The convenience of single-serve pod coffeemakers has made them among the fastest-growing small appliance. The built-in coffee machine is the latest in a string of innovations to hit refrigerator water dispensers that we will be able to have in our homes by Fall.

The new stainless steel GE refrigerator simplifies the already simple Keurig process by automatically drawing and filtering fresh water – there’s no reservoir to constantly fill and clean. The Keurig K-Cup brewer component is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The brewing system built into the GE fridge’s water dispenser provides fresh, filtered water for coffee or tea every time, and there is no need to refill. There is advanced water filtration, a Precise Fill setting, and a full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer with colored LED lights.

[quote_box_center]GE claims that The First Refrigerator with Built-in Coffee Maker is a feature that customers have actually asked for, especially after they introduced those refrigerators dispensing hot water in 2013. These customers wanted the ability to have the fridge dispense coffee or tea without having to navigate the use of instant coffee or teabags.[/quote_box_center]

First Refrigerator with Built-in Coffee Maker. New GE Refrigerator Has Built-in Single-serve Coffee Maker Will Be Available in Fall 2015 Starting at $3,100

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