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Fourth and Two Yards to Go…to the Mall

Fourth and Two Yards to Go…to the Mall

Dating Couples Fans of Football

It’s 12:45 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. He’s found your Chanel fall makeup palette and used it to paint his face in team colors. It’s football season. Whether you are a die-hard fan or wouldn’t be caught dead with a guy wearing a team jersey, unless he actually plays for the NFL, we’ve got a game plan to ensure your relationship won’t be sidelined.

The Gridiron Gals
According to the NFL, over 50% of women have a love of the game. But there aren’t any stats on how many men are willing to pass the ball to their girlfriends and let them into their league. If you’re the one praying for a Hail Mary pass from the opposing team and he still insists on explaining each play, it’s best to keep cheering — especially when his quarterback gets sacked! It’s called Respect and girl, you’ve earned it.

The Free Agent
You love football season. It’s an opportunity to start your holiday shopping and catch up on Real Housewives. However, your lack of enthusiasm over his favorite pastime can sometimes cause interference in your relationship. Compromise. You’ll be happy to hang with him at his favorite sports bar to watch the play-offs. Before you hit the field, suit up for your own game. Headphones, magazines and of course your i-Pad…online shopping is a click away.

The Rookie:
If you want to learn about the game, pick the right moment—probably not when he’s up on his feet screaming at the T.V. Choose a neutral game where he’s not invested in a team and can devote time to you. The hottest moment for your guy could actually be when you call your first, ‘Penalty.’

Future Hall of Famer:
After exploring all your defensive moves, if football just doesn’t ‘Get you in the Game’…… change the channel. There’s always baseball and the upcoming World Series. It could even be your chance to hit a coveted homerun with your guy.

Fourth and Two Yards to Go…to the Mall. It’s our Football Season Contribution. How can Football get you in the Dating Game?

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