Shoppe561 in West Palm Beach

Now that you are lucky to be in the Sunshine State’s beloved city of West Palm Beach and taking advantage of summer season; there is a hidden gem here everyone is talking about. It is the buyers’ connection with true local artisans who reflect in their art the best depiction of Florida’s nature, lifestyle, culture and history.

Hope, inspiration, hands-on creativity and a sense of community are the underlying concepts of the Shoppe561, a store located just over a mile away from CityPlace.

Shoppe561 displays what a community is made of. Customers purchasing at the store are taking home rare hand-crafted items that will inspire them and reveal the passion it takes to create a story of hope and love by the artists.

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You will be surprised by the endearing items at the shop, but above all, the inspiration that compels these artisans whose works bring joy to those who own them.

“Shining a light on modern day slavery through education and supporting Hope House Florida is woven into the fiber of Shoppe561”

Gifts by Local Artisans Across Florida at Shoppe561

Shoppe 561 is a store is located at 319 Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach. Janelle, the shopkeeper, has a vision for developing and building a sense of community among artisans and customers while leaving a lasting impression on visitors and this is what she has conveyed to the idea of Shoppe 561.

Artisans of all ages and stages of life throughout Florida are featured in the shoppe with new items being added continually.

Start your digital journey to a wonderful marketplace online here: and pay them a visit Tuesday through Saturday to find astounding gifts by local artisans across Florida.

Discover and Explore Shoppe561 in West Palm Beach and all the Products from Local Artisans on Sale.