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Grandview Public Market, New Fave Spot to Chill in the Palm Beaches

Grandview Public Market, New Fave Spot to Chill in the Palm Beaches

Grandview Public Market

In an ambitious and fresh take on urban renewal, the new Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach is a chef driven market hall, taking over a mid-century warehouse building, just a short distance southwest of CityPlace. Located across from the spacious Armory Art Center, the market has a big plan – create an exciting mini hub for shopping, exercising, drinking and eating.

The Grandview Public Market, whose property dates back to 1925 is now freshly painted and abuzz with boutiques, bars, as well as fun food concepts. The food court comes to life with bright murals, shiny stainless steel counters, and outdoor seating areas.

“Trends have shifted from a culture where shoppers and diners are willing to drive from location to location to make purchases and dine out, towards a one stop solution with an authentic communal feel,” says Chris Vila, a Palm Beach native and owner/operator of Grandview Public Market. “West Palm Beach is experiencing growth as a community through development, the arts, and an influx of young professionals, and we wanted to be a part of it. We carefully curated the vendors, who are as excited as we are to be involved and doing business in such a vibrant, flourishing community.”

This modern market will become a gathering spot for locals and visitors. While the concept of a communal market is not new, New York has the Chelsea Market, it’s the first of its kind in Palm Beach County.

The Grandview Public Market is attracting customers looking to meet friends for coffee, pick up fresh prepared foods and local goods, purchase ingredients for dinner that evening, and even take daily fitness classes. The space has a sophisticated and playful feel within the industrial setting of the area and the overall vibe is inviting, clean and bright.

When you enter the market there’s a spacious living room -which is also available for meetings and groups- with high ceiling, lush velvet couches and currently exhibiting photos of old Havana by photographer Bruce Gendelman—a rotating exhibit that will also give access to other local artists.

Grandview Public is a collection of open-space eateries within a 14,000-square-foot warehouse with an artisan, local feel and different eclectic food concepts that range from fresh coffee, authentic Mexican tacos, unique pizzas, to special oils, retails and even a bar and work-out section.

Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach
Visitors at Grandview Public Market enjoying food from Grace’s Fie Food; a full service butcher offering pasture raised meats & fresh made sausage, also serving sandwiches including the popular ‘all day’ breakfast sandwich.

There’s Quinn Gift shop that offers stationery, tote bags, candles and books.

The main dining area also features products from Rabbit Coffee Roasting where the aroma of hand roasted, organic coffees is a can’t-pass moment. Rabbit sources its aromatic beans from Guatemala, and you can take them home by the pound or K-cup.

Celis Produce, a local family-owned market and juice bar that peddles sustainable fruits and vegetable, is serving fresh cold-pressed juices, handcrafted smoothies, and a favorite for the health conscious fanatics—acai bowl.

Clare’s Chicken offers southern-fried, spicy hot chicken style sandwiches with pickles and slaw. Clare’s is a premium chicken and wine shop with healthful options for sandwiches or whole birds.

Mozzarella, olives, flavored oils and other specialty Italian imports -includes pastas-  are available from Olive Oil of the World, an organic grocery in West Palm Beach. These olive oil experts, who also exhibit at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket each Saturday morning, will dazzle you with real expert talks to help you choose the perfect EVOO(s) to suit your palette and cooking needs, something they’ve learned from visiting the farms and olive mills where they bring their products from.

As spectacular as the new Grandview Public Market is, Crema is a unique space you will undoubtedly delight in. They are revolutionizing ice cream while making each cup sized batch right before your eyes on a freezing steel slab. They have a delicious menu that includes charcoal Thai rolled ice cream, a dark exotic delight.

Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach
Veronica (left) and Angela (right) from Discover The Palm Beaches visited GPM to enjoy Ramen Lab’s famous noodles.

Ramen Lab’s owner has expanded his ventures in Boca Raton and Delray to this new exciting district in West Palm Beach. The young and energetic Louis Grayson has two spots in the market, the Ramen Lab at The Incubator where they serve his unique fresh noodle concepts and Poke Lab’s where patrons will enjoy very tasty ‘pokerritos’—spicy tuna sushi rolls.

Pizza lovers will appreciate coming to this Market. The Corner, a Detroit-style pizza joint serves Motown’s signature square slices made in a square pan so all the edges have a crispy crust.

Patrons can also enjoy items from the flavorful Mexican cuisine when they visit Zipitos. Family-run, Zipitio’s pop-up taco stand puts a South American twist on the traditional Mexican taco, adding to them the authentic flavors of their homeland from old family recipes.

Perhaps the main drive to visit the market – beyond the variety of food proposals – is the spacious outdoor area to hang out and eat on picnic style tables or cushy couches. It features ubiquitous amenities like free WiFi, music and a bar. There will soon be a newsstand too in conjunction with the Broward Library, a perfect way to catch up on the news and latest magazines.

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The bar will leverage the excitement and desire to stay longer at the market as it is a relaxed place to hang out –indoors or on the patio– while chatting over craft cocktails.

A raised loading dock with steel risers and colorful tropical murals adds to the vibe.

But not all is an eating affair at Grandview Public Market. LaBarre + Momentum Cycle, a new barre and cycle studio founded by local fitness instructor Jacquelyn Quesada is also here. Elegantly designed with silver globe light fixtures, one exercise room is for barre classes taught by trainer and fitness model Olivia Figueroa, or a Power Yoga class taught by local health and wellness coach Christina Grace. Next to that is a spin cycle room for music powered classes.

Jacquelyn’s Cycle classes are deeply rooted in music and rhythmic riding, while her barre classes offer a fast-paced, fat-burn class with creative variety, challenging clients to go above their perceived ability.

Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach
Classes at Studios Etc. (the barre and spin cycling studio) are available daily between 6 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Quesada helps her clients achieve personal and physical development through a mind-body connection, with her new studio established on the belief that a supportive, progressive and inspiring environment is critical to achieving fitness goals. She also has a smart selection of workout wear in the front room.

Grandview Public Market has a little of everything for a lot of people to enjoy. If they get the free downtown trolley to make stops at the Market, the space can morph into a chicly curated destination to chill at its best in West Palm Beach.

It is open daily at 1401 Clare Avenue, West Palm Beach, from 7 am to 10:30 pm. If you visit, check the website for Palm Beach County’s first food hall for updates on vendors, entertainment activities, events and other activities:

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