Hall of Heroes South Florida Science Center
(Photo Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, and Batman are all zooming into the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (SFSCA) this season in Hall of Heroes, an exhibit that entertains as it educates. The heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics are out in full force to not only show you what they do but also how it’s scientifically done.

Hall of Heroes is the perfect way to get kids to find out more about the physics and chemistry behind superpowers,’ says Kate Arrizza, CEO of the Science Center. “Science and imagination go together to help us advance and shape our future.”

As a bonus the original Batmobile from the 1969 TV show – the first one to fly! – is greeting travelers at the Palm Beach International Airport while stars like Iron Man and Wonder Woman greet Science Center guests.

Entering the exhibit you find a life-size statue of Wonder Woman at the entrance – the first time this girl power marvel has been exhibited anywhere. There are also superhero statues and booths providing an interactive history of comic book heroes from the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages of comics, ranging from the late 1930s to the present day.

Hall of Heroes South Florida Science Center
(Photo Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

The exhibit is packed with rare mementos such as vintage radios and TV sets with antennas, toys, and photos of the creators like Stan Lee. Just push the buttons that light up certain areas of the booth and learn about the story of the items.

Walking through the exhibit are more interactive booths that kids will love and kids at heart will learn from. The displays show how the superpowers of the heroes such as zapping lightning from their fingertips or flying through the air to save the day are based in science.

You can discover your own superpowers through tests of grip strength, agility, body coordination and the powers of the mind. An example is The Elements section which deals with how the superheroes master and manipulate water, electricity, earth, and fire.

The Super Hero statues are big and impressive, there’s Batman standing defiantly atop a snarling gargoyle on a Gotham building, awaiting his next Bat Signal call. There are models of all the various Bat Mobiles used in the films and TV shows. The Incredible Hulk may be the most powerful of all at the exhibit’s finale, standing with his huge green fist drawn amidst urban rubble.

The Museum is planning lots of activities during the exhibit including the appearances of more Superheroes, an actual Bat Mobile you can ride in, a Bat Copter landing in the park outside, and several adult events.

The exhibit is on display through Sunday, April 19, 2020. If you visit, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, 4801 Dreher Trail North. For more information, call 561-832-1988 or check sfsciencecenter.org.

Super Heroes Zoom Into South Florida Science Center