Monday, August 2, 2021

Harold’s Coffee Lounge: Iconic Location, Celebrated Graffiti

An iconic location that exudes the area's up-and-coming artsy feel with celebrated graffiti and outdoor terrace.

When someone walks the street of Northwood Village numerous murals and graffitis on business walls, empty containers, and unused lots are found all over the neighborhood, a West Palm Beach’s beloved historic district chock full of art galleries, mom and pop businesses, boutiques, and some of the best restaurants in the city.

Pictured above is Harold’s Coffee Lounge, the perfect spot in Northwood Village to catch a cup of excellent home-brewed organic coffee, eat some quality vegan sandwiches, pressed juices, and other baked goods and delicacies.

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Harold’s Coffee Lounge is an iconic hangout for street art lovers that not only serves delicious light food and coffee, but it is also a swell venue for carefree entertainment featuring frequent solo art shows and weekly events that attract the interest of many locals and visitors.

The lounge’s walls overflow with vibrant artwork gracing the outdoor terrace and patio seating that exudes the area’s up-and-coming artsy feel.

When visiting this spot, it’s hard not to love the edginess and urban, young vibe within Harold’s Coffee Lounge. Definitely, a good suggestion when you decide to ‘sit back and relax’ after a hard day’s work.

Harold's Coffee Lounge: Iconic Location, Celebrated Graffiti
Eastern side of Harold’s Coffee Lounge in Northwood Village. Murals are painted on one of the walls of the on-site property. (Photo: Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

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If you visit, Harold’s Coffee Lounge is located at 509 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, 33407. Online:

Harold’s Coffee Lounge: Iconic Location, Celebrated Graffiti

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