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How to Have a Better SunFest Experience This Year?

How to Have a Better SunFest Experience This Year?

Have a Better SunFest Experience This Year

Summer is a time for enjoying the beach, bonfires, and travels. However, for some of us, the season will also include partaking in one or even two outdoor music festivals. For many people, festivals are a very particular experience. Most festivals happen in cities where they are most likely to be the only festival in the whole year, so it is the moment everyone expect to attend the event as it is an awesome opportunity to hang out with friends while enjoying their favorite music.

West Palm Beach has the traditional SunFest during the first week of May. While it still is officially spring season we are so used to extreme hot temperatures that we go from winter to Summer dubbing spring our early summer.

The great thing about Florida is that you just garb some summer t-shirts and shorts pants, slip into comfy sandals and you are good to go the whole day. This make it a perfect suggestion to invest in experiences instead of things. A music festival like SunFest and all the events organized during the time it takes place will always be a wonderful and unrepeated experience.

As we are getting ready for SunFest, matching the vibe of the event is always best to wear something loose to help you move around and dance more easily. You are not to spend the whole day out on the sun as SunFest usually starts at 5PM and by noon on weekends, but with the high temperatures of Florida, loose clothing will be appropriate to transition from hot daylight hours into a casual layback evening feeling the breeze of the waterfront.

Wearing denim is not recommended, as this can become quite heavy when wet in case there’s a chance of rain or if you sweat while dancing. I can also cause skin irritation if the day is particularly humid.

Good footwear is important as you might take some time walking around the area, either going from one stage to the other, browsing along the floating barges or cruising on foot along Flagler drive to get food, meet people or find a place to sit down by the waterfront and relax over an amicable conversation with friends. Dancing will tire out your feet; so if you like to dance, wearing comfortable shoes is crucial.

Are you traveling to West Palm Beach for SunFest?

You might know it is called the Sunshine State, but that doesn’t mean rainy days can be ruled out. Get a reasonable sized suitcase that will comfortably fit the things you will need for how long you will be staying in West Palm Beach, as well as a few additional items like souvenirs. Pack pants such as shorts, skirts, capris, maybe jeans. The type of pants you’ll need usually depends on the weather; shorts are better when it’s hot. Also, check here some of the most suggested hotels to book for SunFest in West Palm Beach

If you are a local and have set some vacation time aside for SunFest, it would be an excellent idea to combine the entertainment nights of the event with beach time. Remember there are plenty of attractions to enjoy wonderful hours in the waters surrounding West Palm Beach. Neighboring Singer Island offers a variety of aqua sports like Catamarans and Jet Ski.

SunFest takes place in Downtown West Palm Beach by the Waterfront. The good thing is that the area is packed with retails and dining places where you can choose what you prefer the most. Clematis Street is the hottest street in the city and basically where most restaurants and retail stores line up at a walking distance. At night it offers the prefect scenario for SunFest revelers’ after-parties at the best nightclubs in town.

We hope you could have a better SunFest experience this year. The music lineup for the event will be announced soon and we will break it down here for you. Local venues are getting ready to offer their best deals and the weather is always the best friend to revelers. What else is needed? You!!! Did you get your tickets? If not, you still can save some money here and get ready to enjoy Florida at its best in West Palm Beach.

Are you Thrilled About SunFest? Here Are Some Tips to Have a Better SunFest Experience This Year at Florida’s Largest Art & Music Festival by the Waterfront

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