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New Healthy Restaurants in West Palm Beach to Try This Summer

New Healthy Restaurants in West Palm Beach to Try This Summer

Skye Sherman

Something about sunshine and frequent beach days seem to inspire us to eat healthier foods and opt for lighter meals. With so many new healthy eating restaurants opening around West Palm Beach, keeping a clean diet isn’t too much of a challenge.

From raw tuna bowls inspired by Hawaiian cuisine to new outposts of old health-food favorites, here’s a quick guide to some of the new healthy spots to eat in West Palm Beach.

Anzo: The New ChickPea

The closing of ChickPea’s doors caused a veritable uproar in the downtown community. After all, this Mediterranean version of Chipotle was a go-to lunch or dinner restaurant for many people, and the fresh food was unlike anything you could find elsewhere in the city. However, the bigger picture soon came into focus as ChickPea’s future plans unfolded: the restaurant evolved into a new, improved, and expanded version of itself, moving to a new block on Clematis and changing its name to Anzo.

Save for a few menu items that devoted fans will remember from the original restaurant, Anzo is nothing like its ChickPea roots. The pink-and-grey color palette gives the restaurant an open, airy feel, and one of its best features is the back room with window views over the hidden Clematis courtyard. Patrons can order at two separate counters; the first is a café concept serving coffees, pastries, and açaí or matcha bowls, while the second is reminiscent of ChickPea, giving you a chance to go down the line and put together a bowl customized just for you.

Anzo describes its menu as a culinary fusion inspired by the four corners of the world. It includes hot bowls, wraps, salads, and more—a global palette with a Mediterranean touch.

Bolay: Healthy Bowls and Endless Options

West Palm Beach rejoiced to finally receive a location of Bolay, a health-conscious restaurant already loved by our neighbors in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, and Boca Raton.

Bolay is a build-your-own bowl restaurant with 100% gluten-free ingredients that are light, healthy, and supremely flavorful. You’ll also find cold-pressed juices and fresh brewed teas. Whether you opt for a base of Forbidden Black Rice or Cilantro Noodles, topped with Spicy Thai Shrimp or Cajun Sweet Potatoes, your “bol” is sure to delight.

The Shack: an Outpost of Field of Greens

After a January debut, healthy eatery The Shack took over the old Auntie Anne’s pretzel stand that is centrally located near the bandstand in CityPlace. This pop-up may seem like a new concept, but it’s really an outpost of long-term Clematis Street favorite Field of Greens. Patrons can expect the same great food they’ve come to love at Field of Greens—unique salads, flavorful sandwiches, colorful açaí bowls and smoothies—but with an even more casual feel. There’s no indoor seating, but diners can eat at the tables surrounding The Shack or take their food to go.

“We wanted to provide a fine-casual healthy option for guests that are on the go,” says Hess Musallet, owner. “It’s been a great experience and we are happy to be a part of CityPlace’s growth.”

Musallet adds, “With The Shack’s success, we have realized that it is the model that we will be using to expand Field of Greens: by integrating a space the size of the shack into high-rise office buildings to offer them that fine-casual healthy option that is quick and provides great service.”

With fresh fruits and vegetables serving as the basis for most dishes at The Shack, it’s the perfect spot for a healthy al fresco lunch or snack.

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Pipeline Poké Co: Raw Bowls and Surfer Vibes

A surfer’s paradise, Pipeline Poké Co caught the wave of the latest food craze—Hawaiian poké—and rode it right into downtown West Palm Beach. Poké is essentially a cold salad of raw fish, rice, umami flavors, and other mix-ins like edamame, rainbow micro greens, or wasabi peas. At Pipeline Poké Co, diners can customize their poké bowl to their liking and enjoy ocean scenes playing on a big screen in the airy blue-and-white restaurant.

Also available are pre-established poké combinations; for example, the Waimea Pipeline contains mango, Scottish salmon, Tabiko (fish roe), and orange ginger sauce, while the Mainlander gives non-fish-eaters an appealing option with free-range grilled chicken as the main event. For a unique sweet treat to round out the flavor-packed poké, give the frozen mochi a try.

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New Healthy Restaurants in West Palm Beach to Try This Summer

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