The All Aboard Florida route will soon open for service between Miami and West Palm Beach in 2017 with full service from Miami to Orlando following later that year. The new passenger rail project will connect Miami and Orlando through express intercity service.

The West Palm Beach station construction is under way and will be completed in advance of the 2017 launch for phase I.

How exactly is All Aboard Florida transforming transportation in our state?

The All Aboard Florida passenger rail project will allow that now over 50 million people already traveling between Orlando and Miami each year, can arrive at their destination in approximately just three hours. These passenger trains will connect tourists and commuters to the already established transportation systems in downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando.

All Aboard Florida will benefit the entire region and will provide many commuters with a travel alternative. Opponents say there will inevitably be taxpayer subsidies, since high-speed rail is almost never self-supported from its passenger revenues. We have noticed a recent increase in developments in the city fueled by the All Abroad project that will translate in new job openings, more horizons for small business, and opportunities for new business, making West Palm Beach an appealing thriving area in South Florida.

The Real Estate market is resurging at huge leaps with new building constructions. All Aboard Florida has proposed to build a tower with residential, retail, office and parking space near its All Aboard Station in West Palm Beach. This development proposal adds to the large list of other projects coming to happen in the downtown area. These projects will bring full time and seasonal residents to downtown West Palm Beach and its retail component will activate the street.

How Is All Aboard Florida Transforming Transportation
Area in Downtown West Palm Beach where the All Aboard Florida Station is being built.

All Aboard Florida will change our culture in Florida and will open up new possibilities to enjoy tourism by creating better access between destinations. Tourists visiting Orlando’s parks will be able to connect with the beautiful Fort Lauderdale’s coast or the impressive skyscrapers of Downtown Miami.

Miami’s downtown is an example of how the fastest-growing residential districts in the US are moving forward. Every proposed real estate plan alongside All Abroad project in West Palm Beach in the next years is a good sign that West Palm Beach can become a leading city in Florida for business with a dose of culture, youthfulness and cosmopolitan style.

How Is All Aboard Florida Transforming Transportation? All Aboard Florida Project Will Make West Palm Beach a City for Business with a Cosmopolitan Style.