Sunday, July 25, 2021

#iLoveWPB – WPB Social Media Hashtag

Look for #iLoveWPB to Find the Best in West Palm Beach and Have a Good Time. #iLoveWPB will Help you Discover all About West Palm Beach Today. Enjoy it!

On a February 2014 post, our popular friend and Clematis Street #1 Fan, wrote on his aGuyonClematis blog a very powerful article introducing the #ilovewpb Hashtag!

Personally, it is absolutely great to have a Hashtag grouping all possible topics in regards to our beautiful city of West Palm Beach. We also urge everyone tweeting to use it. There’s a lot happening in West Palm Beach. So many great news, opinions and reviews to share that can make the #ilovewpb Hashtag an amazing feature of our “Online city”.

#iLoveWPB: “because sharing is love”

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Once upon a time, the # was but a simple pound sign or hash. But then came Twitter and turned this mundane sign into an online sensation. Today, whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube or Facebook, you simply cannot escape the all surrounding presence of the hashtag.

This video has also become a spectacular funny and tender way to express the love for West Palm Beach. Enjoy it now and don’t forget all the good things that it encompasses.

There’s a lot to be grateful for and love West Palm Beach, Look for the #ilovewpb Hashtag when you are on social medias. Check what’s trending, the latest news, and enjoy our city better!

Why #iLoveWPB

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West Palm Beach is a city in South Florida with exquisite shops, fine dining, Broadway-quality shows, a world-renowned Norton Museum of Art and more.

West Palm Beach offers visitors year-round excitement. Smooth-sand beaches nearby guarantee a year ’round summertime. It is home to SunFest, Florida’s largest waterfront music festival featuring some of the nation’s top musical entertainers.

Historical Downtown West Palm Beach is home to Clematis Street, once dubbed the hottest street in South Florida by Donald Trump. Other notable districts like CityPlace, Northwood Village, and Antique Row are vibrant in fashionable bars, nightclubs, boutiques and collectibles.

And there’s a lot more! Discover and explore more in our #iLoveWPB section here


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