Thursday, October 1, 2020

Indian Pygmy Goslings at the Palm Beach Zoo Beat the Odds

By Angela Cruz Ledford

The newest residents at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society are baby birds that are beating the odds: four Indian pygmy goslings born to mother Dhati and father Madhu on July 15, 2015. The harsh reality is that the mortality rate of this species of goose is high, with 67% of male hatchlings and 64% of female hatchlings not surviving into adulthood.

Zookeepers are hopeful that the goslings will flourish like their older brother, Lalo, who was born last fall and is currently living in the Zoo’s Beuttenmuller Asian Aviary along with the baby goslings and their parents. Now that an initial veterinary check-up has been completed, staff members are remaining hands-off to allow the goslings to continue to bond with their mother. The goslings are in good health, although their genders are unknown.

“We are excited that our breeding pair of Indian pygmy geese have new goslings,” said Nancy Nill, associate curator for the Zoo. “Since their older brother, Lalo, has grown to adulthood and is doing so well, we are optimistic that these four babies will follow in his footsteps.”

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Guests are invited to meet the goslings in the Zoo’s Beuttenmuller Asian Aviary. They typically can be found swimming in the stream with mother goose Dhati.

Indian Pygmy Goslings at the Palm Beach Zoo Beat the Odds. Come Check the Indian Pygmy Goslings, Newest Residents at Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society.

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