Kaleidoscope on the Square
Light painting at lot 23 during the Kaleidoscope on the Square event on October 28

There was live music, new fall menus of food and yarn bombed palms at Kaleidoscope on the Square Friday night in Northwood Village. It debuted Festival of the Trees and the unveiling of the much awaited Art Square installation project.

I started out my night meeting friends at Relish, a good corner spot on Dixie that gave us a view of the activities along Northwood Avenue. Lights were on, shops were open and there were lots of vendor tents and displays set up along the street. A wild wind was blowing as it had been for several days that may have scared away less adventurous art souls but there was a good enough crowd to keep things lively.

The first thing we noticed on our stroll was the bright crocheted yarn wrapping all the trees along the avenue. It was called Festival of Trees, and was certainly a welcome change from boring lights. Yarn bombing has been a fad for a while now in various cities, where ambitious knitters wrap unsuspecting outdoor objects in bright striped crocheted layers. The trees look great with various knitted shapes and textures enveloping their sturdy trunks while the leaves and fronds waved in the gusty winds.

Yarn wrapped trees in Northwood Village
Yarn wrapped trees in Northwood Village

Walking down Northwood there were vendor booths including Aliece Bristol Hand Bags, Kool Karma Bracelets made of water buffalo bone in shapes like turtles, flowers, mahalo sign hands and more strung on bright string, Jose Rodriguez Leather Bracelets and more.

There were a few kids in costumes already, one adorable girl had bat wings attached to her black leotard and was practically flying down the wind swept street.

We stopped by Table 427 which definitely had the Halloween vibe going on with spider webs strung all across the ceiling and lanterns hanging about. Of his fall menu and regional cuisine the chef owner Roberto Villegas says: “We get to explain the difference between Tex-Mex and Traditional Mexican almost every day when describing the menu to our patrons. Mexican food is regionally diverse and flavorful, with origins dating back to the Aztec and Maya Empire, and Tex-Mex actually originated with Tejanos. Both cuisines very beautiful but yet, surprisingly, some visitors are more likely to think of Chilis, Chipotle or even Taco Bell when they hear the term “Mexican” food. We have lots of great choices for meat lovers including steak in chipotle, pork ossobuco, lamb a la barbacoa, short ribs and more!”

There was a live music too with a guitarist serenading guests!

Further down the street at the far end by the Art Square was more live music from After MidNite. This rocking combo has been together about three years and the members are in the 20s. Their influences are Kings of Leon and Oasis.

Says the band’s singer Delamore  “We are a group of dedicated and driven souls, that all found our calling for music at an early age and since then have set out to Carpe Diem! We are Joshua “Delamore” Burrows- Lead Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitar;  Brandon Buchanan- Rhythm Guitar; Tommy “Gunner”- Bassist and Yoshi Evans on drums. Couldn’t change our paths! Myself Delamore, being a 2nd generation singer/songwriter have been writing and recording music since the age of 13. Over the years I have become efficient in a range of instruments including guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) drums, piano and of course the best instrument of all…the voice! As for Brandon, well it’s safe to say this kid can and has always been able to do anything he sets his mind to. He decided to learn guitar and in a matter of a few months was playing every song he heard and then eventually started writing his own.

Tommy is one of the most well rounded musician I’ve met in my career so far, not only is he an amazing bassist but also a very talented Songwriter. Yoshi Evans is one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with…period.”

Sounds like a rocking love fest all around!

Bordering the Art Square is a bright new Kaleidoscope Fence, woven with colored strips of vinyl that echo the rainbow trees in striped patterns. The fence was made in part by volunteers on October 22nd who received complementary grill cheese sandwiches from The Grilled Cheese Gallery and ice tea from Harold’s Coffee Lounge in exchange for their creative input. The new fence is a great eye-catching focal point of the Art Square where more festivals to come will be held.

Over at Lot 23 by the Center for Creative Education there was  Light Painting and Long Exposure photography going on, which also happens every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Digital Photography 101 class. Artists stand waving lights in patterns. The resulting photos show the ribbons of light hanging in the air, capturing fleeting movements on camera.

We also made at requisite stop at Bohemïa AG where the art is as cool as the gelato is cold. They hand make small batches of award-winning gelato and vegan sorbetto is inventive flavors like Unfiltered Apple Cider with Saigon Cinnamon, Pink Peppercorn
, Earl Grey Aztec Dark Chocolate and Madagascar Double Vanilla.

Art is by Anthony Hernandez among others.

We made our way over to the Grilled Cheese Gallery for a late night snack. A Lavender Lemonade and a Goat Cheese Salad hit the spot while we sat in an outside table people watching. The street vibe was festive as all ages, races, and even dogs reveled in the fun night out. Other good eats to check out are the Thai food delights at Malakor Thai, Relish for exotic burgers and monstrous ice cream concoction shakes; and Harold’s Coffee for the home made caffeine brews. Olivia’s Special Teas features fruity kombuchas in flavors like rose. The Food trucks invade Northwood every third Wednesday to really try something different.

Kaleidoscope on the Square is an Art Night Out in Northwood

All in all a successful debut of the trees new finery and the stripey new fence. The events and crafts are sure to rev up in the coming months making this unique hood an even more essential stop.

Sandra-Schulman Sandra Schulman is an arts writer, music and film producer. Born in Miami, her work has appeared in Billboard, Variety, Rolling Stone, Ocean Drive, Country Music Magazine, The New York Daily News, News From Indian Country, and Entertainment Weekly. She was an entertainment columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for 8 years. She has authored three books on pop culture. She currently lives in West Palm Beach with her blue eyed whippet. Sandra Schulman’s column appears weekly. Contact her at sandraslink@gmail.com.