Sunday, July 25, 2021

Lasagna: A sumptuous delicious food for any occasion

Learn how City Pizza Italian Cuisine on Rosemary Square makes one of the Italian cuisine's most popular dishes.

The ubiquitous Italian cuisine is a compilation of what each region in Italy is best known for, based on their history and location. When it comes to a perfect pizza, fresh seafood, or a delicious lasagna, Naples always delivers!

From there comes the modern-day lasagna, the richly layered dish swimming in tomato sauce that made its debut in Naples in the Middle Ages. But we don’t need to go on a trans-Atlantic trip to Naples for a taste of the amazing food; we only need to find one local restaurant that can deliver. I happen to know one, City Pizza Italian Cuisine, located on Rosemary Square.

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The awesome thing about this restaurant is their service approach as they bill themselves a “neighborhood restaurant,” so that means large pizzas and sumptuous pasta in a friendly chit-chat atmosphere where they know your name if you are a regular.

One of the foods I like the most in this restaurant is their lasagna. Members of our team recently stopped by City Pizza and learned from head chef Leo how they make it from scratch.

City Pizza’s lasagna is very popular, and its popularity can also be attributed directly to the use of tomatoes imported from San Marzano, Italy, and their use of impastata ricotta and fresh herbs.

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Lasagna: A sumptuous delicious food for any occasion
A lasagna as served in City Pizza, West Palm Beach (Photo Addiel Perera, WPBM)

This dish is very filling and satisfying. With basil, sausage, ground beef, and three types of cheese that give it a great flavor, you can’t go wrong.

If you visit, City Pizza is located at 632 Hibiscus St, West Palm Beach and it is open every day for lunch and dinner. More at

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