The Lineup for the 33rd Annual SunFest


It’s been a while now since every SunFest fan had been waiting to know the 2015 Lineup of the most acclaimed festival by the Waterfront in Florida. Recently, Thursday February 26th, the line for this year was announced for the first time on SunFest’s Fan page in Facebook.

Divergent opinions in regards to who is performing this year scattered quickly like fire on all the social medias after the news. At least, this is a good sign: “People do love this event and are eager to be part of it.” Most folks do actually expect to always find a kind of star-studded event as our City is not permeated with mega stars coming to  perform and SunFest somehow offers an hour of glory to concert-goers.

The yay-moment may have dropped a few levels below accustomed rates for SunFest this year according to the evaluated reaction on social Media networks. Nonetheless, it is hard to please all tastes, even through it is what the organizers always try to do. And if you go through the avant-garde line of performers, there’s really talent in the line up and musicians worth all the money to see.

With the exception that Latin Music has been obliterated this year, the Lineup for the 33rd Annual SunFest deserves a B+ rating. Here, some of the highlights this year:


1. Fall Out Boy

This rock band from Wilmette, Illinois, recently launched a new album that is becoming a sensation on the charts and it is influencing the pop punk and rock music in a very peculiar and exciting time for this musical genre. Fall out boy is one of the few bands that can compete to the levels of Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor in the Top 40.

Back in on September 8, 2014, the American Beauty/American Psycho album’s lead single “Centuries” was released and peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, No. 17 on Mainstream Top 40 and No. 4 on Alternative Songs. Other songs of the album were released later on, like “Immortals” that is featured in the 2014 Walt Disney Animation Studios film Big Hero 6, while “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “Irresistible” and “Uma Thurman” were released in ITunes. Since their releases, they have only been successful hits.

2. Lenny Kravitz

The American singer-songwriter, notable for his elaborate stage performances and winner of Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance four years in a row from 1999 to 2002, is a showman par excellence, able to enact soul, R&B, funk, reggae, hard rock, psychedelic, folk, and ballads.

Lenny’s profile has enjoyed a boost of late thanks in part to his stint alongside Katy Perry at the Super Bowl, but the veteran musician will offer revelers a level of class that others won’t. He is trendy and versatile, capable of reaching entertainment heights beyond expectations.

3. Paramore

The Tennessee’s rock band presents noisy guitars, angsty lyrics, inter-band romance, and a little light rebellion. They are probably on the most successful year of their career, and there seems to be no limit as to what they can accomplish. Paramore always offers an incendiary live show and along with their indie-minded influences, West Palm Beach will enjoy for sure, a seamless collection of songs as only this anthemic punk-pop and emo band can do it.

4. Wilco

The band that detours into psychedelia, power pop, and soul, complete with orchestral touches and R&B horn flourishes, is just one of those bands that never seem to slow down. With two Grammys earned for their 2004 album, ‘A Ghost Is Born’ and being one of the greatest American bands of our time, Wilco brings its audience in SunFest a unique chance to savor their songs filled with mysterious and surreal lyrics and awesome subtle songs that can never go wrong.

5. 311

Many in West Palm Beach were crying out loud for 311 to come to SunFest in 2015. Well, it will be a dream come true to enjoy the band that has achieved massive success since 1988 with their blend of rock, reggae, hip hop and funk.

311 puts a high brainpower to their presentations and people just love that. 311 has not changed at all through the years and they are undeterred by the faded fortunes of pop-friendly rap-rock.

6. Hozier

An Irish has made it to SunFest this year. An Irish that has kept himself high on the pop charts all year along with his ubiquitous hit: “Take me to Church”. For many identified as a one-hit wonder, Hozier brings mindfulness entrenched with gospel and soulful overtones worthy of shaking the seats.

7. Kaskade

The EDM trumpets of nearby Miami’s growing popular Ultra Music Festival are sounding clear. SunFest seems to have forestalled any doubt that our beautiful Waterfront could also be an emotive scenario for Electronic Music revelers while landing Number-46 DJ in the world. The American DJ and record producer will make many fans rave on his performing night during Friday, May 1 at 9:30 PM.

Kaskade is a regular in Sin City, Vegas. Despite being born in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Kaskade’s current sound agenda is firmly fixed towards EDM and progressive pastures.

8. Remember the 80’s are the Oldies now!

A Millennial generation is brimmed with the music of the 80’s, a decade totally awesome featuring music, movies, TV, videos, clothing and fashion trends that changed costume, fashion and party ideas in the world.

SunFest has advocated to line up some of the best bands of the 80’s with Boston, whose best-known works include songs like: “More Than a Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Foreplay/Long Time”, “Rock and Roll Band”, “Smokin'”, “Don’t Look Back”, and “Amanda”; Sammy Hagar and the Circle, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Van Halen and Eddie Money, rock guitarist, saxophonist and singer-songwriter, who found success in the 1980s with a string of Top 40 hits and platinum albums such as “Shakin'”, “Think I’m in Love”, “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”.


Admittedly, SunFest line up for this year is packed with some of the hottest performers in the history of festivals across the nation. It is an impressive line up to keep the enthusiastic audience captive with more than 45 bands performing across the festival’s three stages.

As Eddie Money put it: “I’ve got two tickets for paradise”, we are lucky to be “his paradise” in what by far, it is the largest Festival by the Waterfront in Florida.

Let’s enjoy it!

Get to Know More About the Lineup for the 33rd Annual SunFest in West Palm Beach Waterfront, from April 29 to May 3 with Lenny Kravitz, 311, Kaskade & more.