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West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery

Chef Loïc Autret has a passion for baking. He is at the helm of Loic Bakery Cafe Bar, a French bakery he recently opened in West Palm Beach, an airy, palm-printed space where he's always crafting fruit tarts, croissants, and other exquisite eats.

From its debut, Loïc Bakery was a smash hit on the West Palm Beach scene. With a chef as skilled (and as thoroughly French) as Loïc Autret at the helm, it’s easy to see why. Couple that with the refreshing energy of the airy, palm-printed space and the exquisite eats and you’ll understand why I find it hard to resist stopping by on a daily basis. The romantic and whimsical space is also becoming popular for parties like baby showers and bridal gatherings, and catering services are available as well.

I caught up with Loïc (pronounced loo-eek), the culinary genius behind Loïc Bakery, to chat about the vision behind his rows of fresh baked pastries.

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What inspired you to open this bakery?  

People. For me, it has always been about the people. To see the joy of my customers having fun in my bakery, soaking in the ambiance I’ve created here and savoring my food—that’s what it’s all about for me. Look at people smile when they enter. Bonjour! It brings so much happiness. Before I die, I want to do something special. That’s why I do what I do.

What items do you offer in the bakery?

Every morning, I hand-make a range of handmade croissants, sandwiches, quiches, and house specials like our morning oats and our avocado toast served on walnut raisin bread. For lunch and late afternoons, we also offer cheese, charcuterie, wine, champagne, and beer.

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West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery
Loïc Autret busy at work. / Photo: Skye Sherman, WPB Magazine

Between the banana leaf print wall, the glowing golden sign, and the industrial accents, the interior of the bakery is truly stunning. What inspired your vision for this space?

The high ceilings and windows all around offer brightness and bestow a warm, welcoming feeling. I want people to feel freedom when they arrive, coupled with a great energy, and the open space creates this. The open windows into the actual bakery and kitchen area were critical to me; I want people to be able to view the bakers at work, the equipment and authenticity of it all. And of course, having an open kitchen was essential so that people can breathe in the aroma of the baked goods when they enter! A bakery without a delicious smell is not a bakery.

What’s your favorite item to make?

Croissants! My favorite is the butter croissant, which for me marks the signature of a baker. I make other “signature” croissants like raspberry almond and white chocolate pistachio, and those are wonderful creations, but they don’t define a baker in the same way a butter croissant does.

West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery
Loïc Autret finishing some of his fresh croissants. / Photo: Skye Sherman, WPB Magazine

What are your plans for the future of the bakery?

I’d like to extend our hours into the evening so that people can come together as the day winds to a close. I also want to add music a few evenings a week and on Saturdays and Sundays during brunch. I really want to bring back 70s and 80s music to the community. The Bee Gees, John Travolta… it was the best generation of music. I want to bring the Saturday Night Fever ambiance downtown. I want to know before you start your Monday if you had a great Sunday, if you’re happy to start work because you know at the end of the week, you’re coming back here. It’s not for me, but I want to enjoy it also—I love to dance!

Above all, I want to bring joy and deepen relationships for people in the downtown West Palm Beach community. It is really exciting to be a part of the growth that West Palm Beach is experiencing, and we are fortunate to be supported by so many food connoisseurs in the area.

West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery
Loïc Autret / Photo: Skye Sherman, WPB Magazine

Through October 6, 2018, Loïc Bakery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. After October 6, the bakery will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (except for Sundays, when they’ll close at 4 p.m.).

Note that the Loïc Bakery storefront is located between Iris Street and Hibiscus Street and faces Dixie Highway, but as a tenant of City Palm Condominiums, the address will take you to the lobby of City Palms (located on Hibiscus Street). If you arrive at the lobby, pass it and head east toward Dixie. Turn right onto Dixie and you’ll see the bakery on your right side.

In the fall, Loïc will also have a booth at the West Palm Beach Green Market on Saturdays and the Palm Beach Gardens Market on Sundays.

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West Palm Beach’s Master of Pastries: Loïc Autret of Loïc Bakery

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