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New Learning Experience Child Day Care Center in West Palm Beach

New Learning Experience Child Day Care Center in West Palm Beach


Walking into the New Learning Experience Child Day Care Center in West Palm Beach, located at 1969 Red Trail, it’s clear to see there’s more to them than teaching children the ABCs and 123s. Officially open for touring and enrolling, the Academy of Early Education offers the highest form of childcare to children six weeks to five years old. The Learning Experience (TLE) is not just a daycare facility, but also a comprehensive child development center equipped with an interactive curriculum, stellar classrooms and a series of enrichment programs.


Dedicated to providing children with the tools and environment necessary to achieving the highest potential in their stages of early development, The Learning Experience has formed a comprehensive curriculum that will teach your youngsters everything from tableside manners to the miracle of play.

Built in programs including sign language, Manners Matter®, physical fitness and philanthropy are just a small glimpse of what TLE offers parents and their little ones. Unique and proprietary to The Learning Experience, the L.E.A.P (Learning Experience Academic Program) curriculum is another program that encourages each child to achieve success independently while developing intellectually, socially, and cognitively through varied educational materials, activities and social interactions.

Broken up into three separate classes according to age and development-Little Learners ™, L.E.A.P. I, L.E.A.P. II- children are involved in hands-on activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development. Each level of learning involves lessons in logic, math, reading, phonics and writing. The well-rounded approach to early education has made The Learning Experience an innovator in the childcare industry.


[quote_right]New Learning Experience Child Day Care Center in West Palm Beach is is committed to quality care and education of your child.[/quote_right]

From infants to preppers to twaddlers and more, The Learning Experience has educational and playful rooms designed specifically for your growing tyke. Designed for maximum efficiency, security and safety, infants (six weeks to one year) are watched over by the most loving and nurturing caregivers. With their very own crib, toys galore and classical music playing, your infants are surrounded by everything they need. Conducive to exploration and discovery, toddlers (one to two years) can enjoy a high-energy room filled with toys, equipment, art supplies, blocks and books.

New-Learning-Experience-Child-Day-Care-Center-in-West-Palm-Beach-2Twaddlers (two to three years) and preppers (2 ½ to 3 ½ years) are focused on social participation, potty training and a plethora of activities. Their classroom environments are designed to further enhance their inquisitive stage by incorporating dramatic play, story time, language development and string of educational activities that will have your little tikes leaping at the chance to learn more. Graduating from the prepper stage, potty training and all, your little ones are ready to move forward to preschool (three to five years). Ready to take on the world, the preschooler’s classroom is overflowing with challenging toys and equipment that offers a refreshing and vibrant approach to education.

If that’s not enough to sign-up your little learner into TLE then take a peak into their unique play area called Make Believe Boulevard®, a scaled down version of Main Street, U.S.A. The all-encompassing playroom contains a fire station, diner, general store, post office and garage. Children can practice socio-dramatic activities and role-playing that spark their ever-growing creativity and imagination.

Enrichment Programs

With Charlie Choo Choo® enrichment kits, your youngster will have the opportunity to explore different avenues of learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Designed to broaden the children’s scope of learning, TLE delivers eight distinctive programs throughout a 12-week period that will cultivate creative, compassionate and innovative thinkers..

Some of Charlie Choo Choo’s enrichment programs include: Music4Me, Suddenly Science, Marvelous Math and Yipee4Yoga. After each programs finishes, the children get to bring their kits home to share what they have learned with their parents and continue to use the resources for further learning. And because The Learning Experience believes what’s best for one child is best for all, their enrichment kit programs are included in the cost of regular tuition, so your little ones will never be left behind.

The Learning Experience in West Palm Beach is now open for touring and enrollment. Visit to schedule a visit or call 561-712-0071 for
more information.

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