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Learn New Ways to do Classic Makeup!

Learn New Ways to do Classic Makeup!

Applying makeup

“Variety is the spice of life, and your makeup is no different. I am not suggesting that you trade in your favorite Christian Dior foundation or MAC eyeliner, but simply change the way that you are applying them” – Adam Revsen

Wearing makeup in a hot humid climate can be challenging. This challenge causes some to give up on it altogether and completely forego wearing any makeup . All of the recommendations you are reading here are made with our South Florida climate in mind.

If you are one of the people that have given up on it, I hope that this information inspires you to try makeup again. You will be surprised at what a little change can represent for your positive sense of being. You will also bask in knowing that you’ve evolved and made this change yourself! Now follow these tips to learn new ways to do classic makeup!

Lit From Within - “A great makeup application accentuates your beauty, it doesn’t create it. Use makeup as a tool to bring out your beauty, not paint it on.” Photo by Piper Jones
Lit From Within – “A great makeup application accentuates your beauty, it doesn’t create it. Use makeup as a tool to bring out your beauty, not paint it on.” Photo by Piper Jones

Let’s start with EYELINER.
The first change you can make is to not only apply it where you want it, but to use the soft end of the liner pencil itself, (or the soft end of the handle of a makeup brush) to blend the liner. Smudge it, soften it, and smooth it. This minor step can perfect and revolutionize the way your eyes look. Not many people (1%?) look good with a harsh lined frame around their eyes. Have you ever considered lining with shadow first, then refining that line with a pencil and then smudging it to soften and “smoke it out”?

Whether it is pencil, pot, shadow or liquid liner, pick what your hand applies best-only you can determine this.

If you use liquid liner alone, please first always apply a soft shadow liner, (eye shadow used as liner). By doing so, the liner will never look too stark and harsh. Experiment with just lining the top, but don’t completely forget the bottom, always at least line the outer corners of your eyes.

Let’s target the EYEBROWS.
Start by getting them professionally shaped and waxed. Always request hard wax, all-purpose wax, (strip-wax) should never be used on the face. Are your brows too light? If so, have them tinted. If they are too dark, have them lightened. If this is too much of a commitment, purchase waterproof mascara in the shade you’d like your brows to be. Get in front of a well-lit mirror, (magnifying if need be), wipe off the excess product from the mascara wand and start to apply at the beginning of the brow in upward strokes-voila!- instant brows. Once you’ve perfected the shape, go back and fill in sparse or missing areas with more mascara or a brow pencil. If you are used to penciling on your brows, this will change your life, it’s very easy to execute and looks very real, plus it’s waterproof and builds the existing hair. In the case of non-existent brows, purchase and use a stencil and waterproof brow shadow to create your brows. So many people blow their whole look because their brows are 1-Not sufficient, 2-Poorly shaped, 3-Badly designed or colored.

Now that your brows and liner are great, let’s hit EYESHADOW. Free yourself of the worry about knowing where to put the right shade for now-that will not be important if you follow the next directive; First-always put the darkest shade of choice along the top lash line (use eyeliner first, or last or both). Then above that, try doing a solid shadow color in a half circle, (the shape of your lid) and soften the outer edges by using a blending brush. If that solid color is shimmery it will be beautiful alone, (matte shadows deaden the eye).

A dab of highlighter above the half moon, on the brow bone of the eyelid, makes it look even better. A few rules of thumb to always follow; never ever extend your shadow all the way to the eyebrow. If you are light haired-darker shadow shades are usually the better choice, (frosty white shadow with platinum blond hair is a big no-no). If you are darker haired, lighter shades are generally the superior choice for eye shadow as they bring light to the face.

Learn New Ways to do Classic Makeup
“Concealer, pink blush and nude pink gloss create smoldering drama with next to zero makeup.” – Photo by Brandon Vick

FOUNDATION should be simple. Allow me help you to think of it as simple as it should be. First, choose the shade, form and type of foundation that works best for you. If you need maximum coverage, start by applying only where you need it.

Once you’ve covered up what you’d like to; use a kabuki brush to “polish” and blend the foundation so it doesn’t appear too thick or spotty. Do the same if you only require medium coverage. I love mineral foundation that is completely filler free, (watch out for bismuth salicylate, it’s drying and “masky”). If you only need to conceal a couple of spots, (i.e.- dark eye circles), use a creamy concealer under the eyes and mineral powder foundation applied with a concealer brush only over the spots.

The novel idea here is that you aren’t starting your makeup by applying numerous products all over the face. The idea is to just use it where you need it, and minimally.

Tip: Apply concealer and foundation LAST – doing this last will absolutely change your life!

I have saved the easiest change for last-your LIPS. Forget everything you have ever heard/learned about lip stick/liner/gloss/stain. Get a lip liner that is a shade slightly darker than your own lips. Use the liner to line and fill in the entire lip, top and bottom. Use the lip liner to extend and accentuate as you wish. This gives you the perfect foundation for color and makes your lips look luscious, full and uniform. Next, instead of using lipstick, use a highly pigmented lip-gloss/color, (every makeup line of note sells these now).

Tip: Before you go to bed, apply Vaseline to your lips and you will awaken with fresh soft lips every day.

Always enjoy doing your makeup. Approach it with confidence and a positive attitude and you can easily harness its magic. I have done countless makeup lessons and it is always inspiring to see how people “light up” when they learn how to harness the magic that is makeup.

All makeup and styling in photos by Adam Revsen.

Follow These beauty Tips and Learn New Ways to do Classic Makeup! Ideas to Apply Correctly the Eyeliners, Foundations, How to Do your Eyebrows and Much More

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