Northwood Village in West Palm Beach has been officially designated a Florida Main Street by the Florida Division of Historical Resources, the agency that preserves and promotes Florida’s historical, archaeological and folk culture resources. The Main Street designation and program focuses on economic development in the context of historic preservation.  While concentrating on revitalization of Northwood Village’s historic commercial center, the program will seek to enhance the economic vitality, quality of life, and civic pride of the community, and encourage greater citizen participation in shaping its future.

The WPB Community Redevelopment Agency partnered with key Northwood Village merchants to apply for this historical designation. The WPB CRA will provide $150,000 over three years to the Northwood Village Main Street program to help renew and revitalize this community center in one of the city’s oldest historic neighborhoods. With the Main Street structure and support in place, along with a new Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, business owners and residents, the Northwood Village Main Street program will work closely with the city’s CRA to secure program funding, and develop and implement a comprehensive revitalization program with clear and realistic goals and objectives.

Northwood Village Officially Designated a Florida Main Street

The Northwood Village Main Street program will harness the social, economic, physical, and cultural assets that set Northwood Village apart, and work towards tangible outcomes that benefit the entire community. The program encourages residents and merchants to take steps that will enact long-term change, and also helps to implement short-term, inexpensive, community activities that attract people to the commercial core and create a sense of enthusiasm and momentum about Northwood Village.

“With the Main Street framework and our motivated community residents, we are confident that Northwood Village will not only thrive, but become another bustling city center,” said Jon Ward, West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Executive Director. “Our community residents and merchants have a strong emotional, social, and civic connection to Northwood Village and are motivated to get involved and make a difference.”

Northwood Village Officially Designated a Florida Main Street

“This has been a true collaboration between the Northwood Village business owners, property owners, residents and the CRA,” said Lourdes J. Sanchez, Owner of Om Yoga & Wellness Studios on Northwood Road and the Northwood Village Main Street Executive Director. “The Main Street designation will bring residents and business owners together allowing us to help build, shape and sustain our community.”

What is Florida Main Street?

Florida Main Street is a technical assistance program administered by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, for traditional historic commercial corridors. The Bureau conducts statewide programs aimed at identifying, evaluating, and preserving Florida’s historic resources. The Main Street program, with its emphasis on preservation, is an effective strategy in achieving these goals in Florida’s historic retail districts. With the understanding that a healthy, vibrant community builds its future on its past, the Florida Main Street Program promotes sensible, sustained economic growth based on local assets: natural, built, cultural, financial, and human. To accomplish this goal, Florida Main Street assists communities in revitalizing their traditional downtown and neighborhood business districts by offering a diversity of services, including training, technical assistance, and networking.

Northwood Village is considered one of the most stylish and special neighborhoods in the Palm Beaches. Visitors can experience a vibrant art scene, new and vintage one-of-a-kind shops, a world of restaurants, and so much more. This hidden jewel in West Palm Beach offers residents and visitors a respite from the ordinary and a refreshing, unique hub for art and culture. Whether grabbing a cup of coffee, listening to local musicians or experiencing the latest taste sensation, guests enjoy the laid back and authentic vibe of this neighborhood. With so many hidden and unexpected treasures, Northwood Village is the go-to place for art and culture in West Palm Beach.