Not your type? Congratulations! You might have found “The One”

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Not your type

It’s time for a breakup. It won’t be easy. After all, you’ve been interested in this person since you hit puberty. Wait, what’s that, you’re single? We have the solution: Dump your type!

Letting go of your so-called type and dating outside your comfort zone could help you land “The One.”

[two_third]We know a thing or two about types. In fact, they star in our board game, Landing Mr. Right. Otherwise known as “therapy in a box,” the game encourages you to experience dates with different kinds of men: Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Rock Star, Triathlete and Techno Geek. Yet even in the pretend Date-o-sphere, players pick the same type of guy at every turn.

Here are our tips to help you recast your leading man:



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You’ve evolved and so has your type. “In my 20s, it was what does he look like? In my 30s it was what does he do for a living? Now, in my 40s, I want to know if he is mentally stable!” says Alys. You wouldn’t be caught dead carrying last season’s “it bag.” But you haven’t updated your romantic type in over a decade. Take stock of where you are in life then decide who will look best on your arm!

It’s just a date:
Unless you two are drinking tequila shots outside a 24-hour wedding chapel in Las Vegas, there’s little risk of commitment. One dinner doesn’t equate to a relationship or having to tell your parents that your new boyfriend is a starving artist without a backup plan. Throw caution (and your usual type) to the wind and go for a sail with the CEO on his yacht called ‘Big Spender’ or with Regular Guy who’ll build you a fire under the stars….while Grizzlies roar in the distance.

[two_third]Don’t judge a type by its font:
We hear successful women intimidate some men. Well, we’re successful, but we’re also vulnerable, caring and passionate. Victoria’s always up for a boxing match, but can also recite every line in The Wizard of Oz because she’s watched it over 100 times with her mentally challenged brother. Reserve your judgment until all the facts have been presented. You could be pleasantly surprised at the verdict.

Throw away the shopping list:
Choose three main ingredients you must have in your relationship and start cooking. It’ll give you a chance to see what else comes to the table!



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When it comes to types, what do women really want?

Alys usually goes for the Regular Guy who works his way up the ladder to become CEO – the one who made it with blood sweat and tears – often hers! Victoria’s preference has been for the Rock Star – the guy who immediately lights your fire but just as suddenly extinguishes it, like a candle in the wind.

We polled 750 women around the country and learned that Regular Guy is their man. Here are some other interesting findings:

  • 52% of females polled said they’d rather date Regular Guy than a Rock Star, Blue Blood, CEO, Techno Geek or Triathlete.
  • Feelings triumph Sex and Money. 80% said they’d prefer to be taken care of emotionally over sexually or financially.
  • Changing a Facebook status to “In a Relationship” doesn’t warrant an introduction to his parents. 63% said it’s most appropriate to meet his parents after he says, “I love you.”

Tell us which of our five guys you’d like to date next and why. Win a copy of the Landing Mr. Right board game and a Girls’ Night Out on Clematis.


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Not your type? Congratulations! Letting go of your so-called type and dating outside your comfort zone could help you land “The One.” Check these Tips Today