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Old Metal Classics Revs Up Northwood with Vintage Motorcycles and Food

Old Metal Classics Revs Up Northwood with Vintage Motorcycles and Food

Old Metal Classics Cafè & More

With a clean cool vibe and a fleet of vintage motorcycles, Old Metal Classics Café & More in Northwood is the newest hot spot in this historic hood.

Owners Peter Kisgen and Marci Chang are passionate about their bikes and their Euro-centric food. A fleet of 11 vintage award winning bikes line the café walls on both sides, with a working cherry red Indian motorcycle kiddie ride up front for fun. Tables are inside and out on the sidewalk, a lounge area with sofas, magazines, free wi-fi and a charging area parks up front. With a double height ceiling and a wall of glass facing Northwood Road, it’s a great window to the street life and a bright airy place to indulge. Vintage motor bike toys on shelves add to the fun vibe.

Old Metal Classics Cafè & More has its own emerging charm and quaint atmosphere.

And while the bikes are the visual attraction at the café, they feature a European selection of delicious pastries, coffees, quiches and sandwiches like the Yolo – Norwegian salmon on a French baguette with onions, cream cheese and garnish. It also comes with a bottle of Italian Prosecco. How’s THAT for European?

An order of rich, steaming coffee is served in a sturdy logo mug on a plate with a crisp chocolate filled wafer.

Old Metal Classics Cafè & More
Coffee as served at Old Metal Classics Cafè & More / Photo Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine

“We always include a cookie or a sweet with the coffee,” Chang says. “This is what they do in Europe, it’s just a little something extra that makes it special.”

Old Metal Classics is located on the first block of Northwood Rd, flanked by one-of-a-kind shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes; and it is an interesting addition to the existing historic feel. There’s a collection of vintage bikes that owner Peter Kisgen has acquired while traveling all over Europe for over 20 years.

“I used to sell cars but then became infatuated with vintage motorbikes in Europe,” says the blue –eyed energetic Kisgen, who is originally from Bonn, Germany. “On my last trip I drove over 4,500 miles in just one month to find them. These are very rare bikes, all are meticulously restored with original parts. They each have a story which makes them fascinating.”

Indeed the stories these bikes could tell would fill a history book. Kisgen even has a photo of how owners used to strap a car seat onto the bike to seat two adults and a child as the transportation means for the whole family in lean times during war.

Photo Gallery: see the bikes in display Old Metal Classics

Kisgen is happy to show café goers around. Each bike has a plaque that tells about it and the year it was built. They sport exotic names like Zundaap Combinette Super Sport from 1963. The bikes have all won awards in vintage bike shows he has participated. Kisgen has also appeared at the annual Boca Raton Concourse dé Elegance show hosted by former Tonight Show host and moto-enthusiast Jay Leno.

“Leno’s a great guy and very knowledgeable about motor bikes and cars. We meet a lot of great people at his shows. Although these are vintage bikes, there is a new young group of collectors who appreciate their history and quality,” Kisgen says. “With the restoration I’ve done they are better than new. I got most of these bikes from original owners. There is even a huge market for just the titles, especially if they are pre-war. I’ve even sold just the titles of bikes from 1936.

They are gorgeous machines, with unusual vibrant colors. They are absolutely museum quality.”

Big bike shows happen in January and February in Dania Beach and Boca Raton. The Café feature posters and info on the shows they have attended and the awards and ribbons they’ve won from each the past several years. They also carry a line of t-shirts and mugs with their café logo, stylishly displayed on top of one of the vintage bikes.

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Kisgen and Chang looked for several months for a place to open Old Metal Classics Cafè & More. Chang heard about Northwood from some friends and once they visited they knew they had found their spot.

Old Metal Classics Cafè & More
Owner Peter Kisgen with a customer at the Cafe. Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine

Kisgen, who speaks several languages, agrees with a smile and says “I’ve met and conversed with people here from Greece, Italy, and Spain. It’s quite wonderful. It took us about six months to renovate the space, stripped it down to the concrete floors, varnished them, and brightened everything up.”

“It just has a great neighborhood feel here. People walk around and we’ve met a lot of Europeans as well as locals,” Chang says. “The ArtWalks in particular have been great. This is such a great location. We feel very lucky and happy to be here.”

If you visit, Old Metal Classics Café & More is located at 431 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach. Check their website for menu, offers, and upcoming events.


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