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Outrageous Room: You buy it, you break it

Outrageous Room: You buy it, you break it

Outrageous Room: You Buy It, You Break It

There’s a lot of rage out there these days – pandemic, shutdowns, economy, politics! It’s enough to make you want to scream and break stuff. But you don’t want to do that at home, and uh, could get in big trouble if you do it in public.

So what’s a frustrated rager to do?

Enter Outrageous Room, a unique place near Grandview Market where you can suit up and smash stuff – your stuff or theirs – in a dark light, mural-covered room with loud rock or metal music playing. Scream as loud as you want, smash a washing machine or a China set, have an energy drink, then graffiti your experience on the bathroom wall.

Jonah was selling cars and not feeling satisfied when he came with the idea to rent a warehouse and set it up as a rage room.

“People are frustrated. I was frustrated, and this seemed to be a great solution. I paint the murals myself based on my favorite comic book characters and superheroes. It all switches to black light and works better when I spray paint the bats and sledgehammers in neon colors.”

Outrageous Room: You Buy It, You Break It

When you book a session at Outrageous Room you have lots of options to bring your own box of items or Jonah will get them for you – pottery, appliances, office goods, he even had someone bring in a mannequin with their enemy’s face on it. You can book up to 6 people at a time for a smashing party. They supply cotton long-sleeved jumpsuits and helmets with full plastic face shields. You enter the room, the music starts, the black light goes on – and the smashing begins.

“I close the door and just let people go at it!” Jonah says. “But I do watch on a camera. I’ve told my neighbors that if they heard screaming and stuff breaking, it’s okay!”

Jonah and his partner Christine showed how it’s done, demolishing a black HP printer with an orange-painted sledgehammer in a matter of minutes, pieces flying to all corners of the room. It’s a rush!

This team created a safe space for people with anger management issues, rage episodes, and even normal people to have a way to let out the bad energy and keep themselves calm in the real world. They offer people a fun activity by which they can be stress-free again without going to therapy or expensive psychiatrists. The best part about letting your anger out in our rage rooms is that there are no consequences there. Get a package by deciding your level of rage, then break, smash, and destroy how much you want.

“This was so unbelievably fun!! And the owner was so, so nice,” says customer Brittney M. “Really great for a small group (6 people max, 7 would be a squeeze). I didn’t realize the anger I had pent up over the course of the pandemic, and this was such a fun way to let it out.”

Outrageous Room: You Buy It, You Break It

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Jonah remembers they had a woman go in with a full-size washing machine, and smash it all. “I had never seen the inside of a washing machine before. Do you know how hard it is to break one of those things apart?” says Jonah. “People bring in all kinds of odd items, it’s crazy. There is a lot of anger and rage that is building up in people which is making people stressed, anxious, tense, and troubled. Keeping this rage building up inside is a hazard and we see videos of such incidences each day on the internet. What people need is a place where they can release the stress that builds up over time. Well, we at Outrageous Room say: Better out than in.”

If you’re looking to let off some steam, this is the place. And there’s music, art, and the owner is such a great guy.

Check out Outrageous Room at 1109 Old Okeechobee Rd, Bay 4, West Palm Beach, 33401, or online at

Outrageous Room: You Buy It, You Break It

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