5K Race at Palm Beach Zoo to Honor the Life of Stacey Konwiser


Stacey Konwiser Memorial Save The Tiger 5k

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society has recently renamed the upcoming Tiger 5K event for tiger conservation in honor of beloved Zookeeper Stacey Konwiser.

On May 14, 2016, the Palm Beach Zoo will hold the 5K Race to honor the life of Stacey Konwiser, a race that is part of the Zoo’s annual ‘Big Cat Series’.

“I had the honor of working with Stacey over the past three years”, said Andrew Aiken, President & CEO of the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. “She was bright, energetic, and articulate. She had devoted her life to studying large and small cats. She shared the Zoo’s mission to inspire people to act – in small but meaningful ways — on behalf of wildlife everywhere. She was passionate about her family and the world around her.”

In years past, the Zoo has sponsored its Save the Tiger Race — along with two similar runs for jaguars and Florida panthers, collectively called the Big Cat Race Series. These races traditionally raise around $30,000 annually for conservation projects. Proceeds from the jaguar race help a project in Bolivia; while funds from the panther race help the Florida Wildlife Corridor, which is devoted to preserving our state’s wildlife habitat.

Proceeds from the upcoming Stacey Konwiser Memorial Save the Tiger 5K race will go toward the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Tiger Conservation project in the Endau-Rompin landscape of Malaysia, where the last remaining 250 wild Malayan tigers are struggling to evade poachers and habitat destruction.

Attendance for this year’s road race is up 35 percent so far — a tribute to Stacey’s life and her mission. In honoring her memory, and in support of tigers everywhere, please join us for this event.

A plaque for the ‘Stacey Konwiser Memorial Save The Tiger 5K’ was unveiled recently at press conference. To participate, please register here.

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society Renames Upcoming Tiger 5K in honor of beloved Zookeeper Stacey Konwiser. More Information about the Upcoming Tiger 5K