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Pitbull’s Contribution to Arts in Florida

Pitbull’s Contribution to Arts in Florida


Governor Rick Scott was on hand to present Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, with the Florida Ambassador of the Arts Award because of his contribution to Arts in Florida. Pitbull helped co-found SLAM! Academy Charter School whose mission is to provide an innovative and in-depth secondary educational program that produces college-bound students through emphasis on sports-related majors and postsecondary preparation. And recently the Miami native announced the expansion of his Miami charter school.

[quote_right]”In order to produce college bound and career-oriented graduates, the school believes it must provide Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships in the educational program.”[/quote_right]

In its inaugural year and with a capacity for only 1,000 students, the school received more than 3,000 applicants. Now SLAM expects to open 5 new charter schools within South Florida by 2015. SLAM prepares students for careers in Sports Medicine, Business, Marketing, Health, and Communications through electives coursework in Sports Medicine, Digital Television & Sports Media Production, Sports Marketing, Entertainment, & Management.

For the rapid results of SLAM! Academy Charter School and its future vision, Pitbull received the award that recognizes those whose contributions to the arts helped enhance the quality of Florida’s diverse culture. Pitbull was joined by Gov. Rick Scott, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and others, along with SLAM! Academy charter school students during the ceremony.

Mayor Regalado praised Pitbull’s ongoing commitment to his hometown, saying in a press release that “Pitbull embodies the cultural richness and diversity that unites the residents of the City of Miami.”

Probably SLAM! Academy Charter Schools will expand to other cities of Florida and who knows if West Palm Beach is on their list. Our city is doing a prominent hard work to develop and promote local talents in the arts and we are an area in South Florida where world-known local intuitions are located and play a leading role in the community.

The same way we have danced to his music in SunFest, we appreciate Pitbull’s Contribution to Arts in Florida. Congratulations, Christian Perez!

Pitbull’s Contribution to Arts in Florida Has Been Recognized by Governor Rick Scott. Learn more about this Award and Florida’s SLAM! Academy Charter School


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