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Rating SunFest 2015 and What Fans are Talking About

Rating SunFest 2015 and What Fans are Talking About

Rating SunFest 2015 and What Fans are Talking About

SunFest is the biggest annual event in West Palm Beach. Actually, there’s a huge silent gap in the city from the same week SunFest finishes until July 4th with only the Palm Beach Jerk Festival happening to celebrate the Caribbean culture on Memorial Day.

It is always good to hear fans’ opinions about SunFest each time it concludes. It gives organizers a better perspective of what fans are looking for and though might be hard to please all taste, it provides a good benchmark moving forward. After pulling some surveys around the city, this is an overall rating of SunFest 2015 and what fans are talking about the festival that finished on Sunday, May 3rd. And you are also invited to fill a short survey at the bottom of this article’s page.


Days before SunFest 2015 kickoff on Wednesday 29, most folks seem to be worried that the event would be rained downed for most part of the week. But one thing to take into consideration, we are in Florida where I have heard many times people saying the weather in Florida is bipolar. Actually the best time of the year to celebrate a music festival by the waterside in Florida would be around the last week of April, right before raining season starts in the state. This year, the weather was good enough for SunFest 2015, being Friday a beautiful sunny day and the weekend also rewarded revelers with wonderful conditions to enjoy with a true spirit the music calendar, the food and other entertainment options at SunFest this year.

Ratings: icon-thumbs-o-up A+

Music Lineup

How do you rate the line up at SunFest? Quality? Popularity? Name-dropping? In most articles talking about the 2015 SunFest Lineup we have always expressed how hard it is to please all audiences. But a consensus can be reached asking as many people as possible. After all, the festival is intended for people to go and enjoy their money’s worth.

Quality of music this year: Lenny Kravizt, Wilco, Paramore, Sammy Hagar, Kaskade, Boston, Stone Temple Pilots, Fall Out Boy. These are names of headliners at SunFest 2015 who have influenced music through decades, artists who are recipient of Grammys and other music awards throughout their entire careers. → A+

Popularity: The same perspective qualifies this time for the headliners this year. Thursday night was a parade of fans, despite the age gap, dressing like Paramore and Sammy Hagar. Kaskade and Lenny Kravitz drew fans from various parts of the USA who came to SunFest to support the music of their favorite performers. Few bands in the world can keep up a popular pace through the years. Fall Out Boy, the main headliner to close SunFest 2015 has been one of them. → A+

Music Variety: this is where SunFest 2015 fell a bit short and probably why many of the people surveyed used to say they “did not like this year’s lineup“, “the lineup this year is not good as it used to be before“, “there’s not many popular artists this year“. Absolutely the balance between popularity and quality is disparaging at times and to the expectation of festivals revelers the first one seems to tilt the balance a bit more when they are to express their opinions. → B+

Headliners: the hard core of a music festival are the headliners each day. The oohs and ahs of unique big names say much about the event, get people ready to shell out their money in advance. During SunFest 2015, the headliners’ best performances seem to have been in this order: Kaskade, Lenny Kravitz, Paramore, Hozier, Boston, and Fall Out Boy. Electronic Music Festivals are revolutionizing the way festivals are viewed by Millennials as a generation openly acknowledging and embracing social diversity. → A overall
Kaskade did not fall short to identify his performance gig to the audience’s expectation and was a solid act with large subwoofers producing a deep bass sounds, laser light shows, projected images, lightning visual effects. → A+
Lenny Kravitz attracted a huge audience for opening night and his performance was outstanding, much to the delight of all revelers that night. → A+
Paramore and Hozier were the most appreciative artists to the fans present at SunFest. → A+
Boston gathered the largest audience at the festival this year. → A
Fall Out Boy, being the most popular band to headline SunFest, was not the best performance and mismanaged to close the festival ditto the Light’em up video clip with 2 Chainz. The final act was surprisingly semi-uninteresting, leaving some fans realizing it was over because of the time, exactly 30 minutes before the fireworks show. → B+

The purpose of SunFest is also to promote culture and art, specially in Palm Beach county and this year. This year there was a stage dedicated to local and emerging artists to prove their talent to a hunger audience to discover fresh work to enjoy and there were excellent performance by Jumbo Shrimp, Kehlani, and Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros.

Ratings: A

Watch some of the headliners’ performance, courtesy of VideoGJC


Juicy Shake Shack Cheeseburgers served at SunFest 2015
Juicy Shake Shack Cheeseburgers served at SunFest 2015

Is SunFest a Food Festival? Not at all but if any reveler has the chance to come to SunFest will probably find one of the best food variety at an event ever. There is no better way to experience the soul of a destination than through its food. Waterfront and eats? No problem, SunFest knew how to conquer patrons this year. They catered to au courant eaters as well as tiny taste buds.

Among the best bites to try was the juicy Shake Shack cheeseburgers, 100% all-natural Angus beef cooked medium and served on a non-GMO Potato Roll with lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion. There was always a line at the Shake Shack stand in SunFest, proving that was the fan food-favorite to go to this year.

Also popular among attendees was the Pineapple with Chicken and Shrimp mixed with yellow Pilaf rice and coconut, a delicious treat specially cut out for the occasion of SunFest: a combination of pineapple used as a dish where spicy shrimps stirred in coconut and rice was served.

Ratings: A+

Video Feeds

Going through major music festivals around the globe, you can notice that we are living a musical renaissance in the festival industry that has been introduced chiefly by the Electronic Dance Music raves, with its major growth due to social media. Today, festivals growths is virtually impossible without the internet.

Most selfies, videos, pictures sharing, Tweets and Instagram posts throughout SunFest occurred during Kaskade’s gig. On the other hand, too much use of advertisement spots before and after artists performances did not make much dent to a generation that is simultaneously more connected to each other, and seemingly more detached from reality than ever before at the same time. SunFest missed the use of live cameras retro-feeding the event, revelers and capturing the best moments of each day through live feeds on social media like YouTube.

Ratings: icon-thumbs-o-down F


Kudos to Captain Morgan and all the good non-stop entertainment provided along the three floating barges. Sunday seemed like SunFest was festival on the Waterfront itself with such a large crowd present at all barges where DJs mixed music and entertained revelers 21 over, who also had their chance to mingle with famous local radio personalities from WRMF 97.9, 98.7 The Gater, WILD 95.5 and ESPN. The iconic Captain Morgan pirate model was sensational posing for photos and his pirate ship anchored at the end of the pier gave a Caribbean tropical state-of-mind to SunFest where patrons became a modern crew enjoying drinks and partying to the best music mix of the century.

There were plenty of activities for kids in the Kids’ Zone, a 5K marathon and a genius Ford MC who knew how to keep SunFest attendees lined up for a chance to win 30,00 dollars in prizes and the fireworks show for the grand finale was long and uninterrupted.

Ratings: A+

We would love to do more in regards to rating SunFest 2015 and know what fans are talking about. Will you give your opinion here? Thanks a lot!

SunFest 2015 in West Palm Beach was Overall a Good Festival. See the Rating SunFest 2015 and What Fans are Talking About the Event. Leave  Your Opinion Too!

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