Saint Patrick's Day

The day has arrived to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. It is always good to celebrate the culture of other countries and undoubtedly this day, locals in West Palm Beach can enjoy a friendly, enthusiastic and symbolic green celebration, with the traditional Roxy’s Block Party on the 300’s Block of Downtown Clematis Street, one of the main festivity spots in the city.

Feel like a true Irish on this Tuesday. Dress green today, invite friends to the party after 5PM until late on Tuesday night, dance, play games, eat and enjoy as the world goes green for St. Paddy’s Day from Dublin to West Palm Beach.

Here’s what to do and not to do on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Don’t – Don’t expect our waterfront will be dyed green on this day. Yes, many rivers across the world become green for a few hours on this day, but not here in West Palm Beach.

Do – If the matter is going green on this day, yes, do dye your hair, though avoid getting your hands green. You will need them for much more than just showing your beautiful green tone and they can get real messy.

Don’t – If your dog is partying with you, hey, don’t do that. Don’t dye your dog green. Instead, he or she will look astonishingly cute wearing some green shirts and even hats if they can tolerate the weight on their heads.

Do – And this is for you reading here. This is the day to feel like a true Irish, even if you are not. It is a rich culture and an affable way to party & hang out. What does it take? Simple, just dress for the party. Do dress in festive attire, typical of this Saint Patrick’s celebration.

Don’t – There is only one day to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t stay at home.

Do come to celebrate and meet new people. The weather will be great as it is Spring in West Palm Beach, feeling like Summer already, or hasn’t it been the case throughout our winter? And for a few hours after having read this article, of course, put your phone away and all it encompasses: “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.” Oh, boy, that’s going to be hard, isn’t it?

Saint Patrick’s Day will be Thursday, March 17, 2016.

Here’s What to Do and Not to Do on Saint Patrick’s Day. Follow These Tips to Enjoy the Best of Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations in West Palm Beach, March 17