Salento Coffee: Freshly Brewed Colombian Coffee
Photos: Pedro Penalver

Today coffee is growing in countries all around the world but not every coffee has the “perfect balance” in their beans. However, Colombian coffee is known all over the world for its quality and delicious taste.

Jaime Lara and his wife are passionate about delivering the best handcrafted coffee, and take pride in the journey from beans to cup. They own Salento Coffee, Colombian Coffee and Espresso Bar on Dixie Hwy., near Clematis St. You will find them at the shop, Monday through Saturday, preparing coffee instantly for their customers.

If you visit, you will be able to taste “Tinto” coffee. It translates to ‘ink’ and the coffee that comes pouring out is certainly of a thick, dark variety. Tinto is a traditional Colombian espresso sweetened with the scraping of an unrefined sugar cane block, then whisked until it becomes foamy brown. This isn’t your artisanal latte. It is sweet and sometimes flavored with cinnamon and it can even be served with a piece of South American cheese floating on top!

Salento Coffee serves freshly brewed Colombian coffee but also your regular cup of Joe, only with the distinctive quality and taste of a better bean, and the warm hospitality of Columbian people!

Salento Coffee: Freshly Brewed Colombian Coffee
Customers trying delicious coffee at Salento Coffee

They also offer other delicacies in the shop including signature coffees like Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Macchiato, and Cuban among others. They have alternative drinks, smoothies, juices, and South American-style small plates like Arepas, Empanadas, and traditional Colombian bites like “pandebonos.” There’s a whole story to tell about this delicious snack called pandebonos, a traditional Colombian cheese bread made of cassava.

Simply, the perfect snack!

If you visit, Salento Coffee, Colombian Coffee, and Espresso Bar is located at 120 S Dixie Hwy, Suite 105 in Downtown. Get more information here:

Salento Coffee: Freshly Brewed Colombian Coffee