Seven Artists Exhibiting for The Box Gallery’s 2nd Year Anniversary

The Box Gallery brings together the magnificent seven for it’s 2nd Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition. The Box Gallery keeps raising the bar higher in the Palm Beach art scene. The seven artists invited to exhibit were carefully selected for their commitment to excellence and mastery in their respective genres and commitment to international conversations in the art world.

Undeniably Yury Darashkevich is one of the best living painters. Yury’s perspicacious observations of nature allows for his masterfully rendered landscapes. Diane Arrieta is one of few artists that has successfully integrated concerns for the environment into her artworks without compromise of aesthetic value, a compromise that is too often the case; where content and context fail to meet. Creative Duo, StrosbergMandel present a very contemporary and unlikely mixture of works heavily inspired by their personal histories characterized by decadence and eccentricity. Giannina Copianno Dwin’s work is conceptual, the message is that we are not permanent permeates every last grain of her installations. Daniel Weinstein’s work is expressionistic and raw while Renda Writer’s goal as an artist is to make his handwriting into visual art.

Daniel Weinstein (Courtesy of the Box Gallery)
Photo: Daniel Weinstein (Courtesy of the Box Gallery)

The Box Gallery has much to celebrate aside from its two year anniversary. Although the gallery is still relatively new to the area, it has made a large impact in the area. In only two short years it has already left an indelible legacy to the area that has been coined “The West Palm Beach Cultural Corridor.” The Box Gallery is the pulse, if not the heart of the success.

If you visit, the gallery is at 811 Belvedere Road. Contact 786-521-1199 for information about art exhibits, and current or upcoming events.