Single’s Guide to a Fabulous Valentine’s Day


February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Ah, yes…the day when couples celebrate their love for each other with romantic candlelight dinners, chocolate candy, pink hearts, and red roses. That’s great, right? But what about the thousands of singles out there who feel left out when this day rolls around? It’s a day for love and singles can definitely have a fun day, too.

Valentine’s Day is not just for celebrating romantic love, but love for yourself, your family,
your friends, your pets – anyone! So, if you’re single, don’t despair! These are a few tips for you to make Valentine’s Day memorable for you, too:

● Spread the love: Invite some friends over and have a party! It doesn’t have to be an
anti-Valentine’s Day party, but you can celebrate your single status. Do whatever you
and your friends like to do for fun – make some food, pour some good drinks, dance
and celebrate the joy in your life.
● Love yourself: Sometimes getting all dressed up or throwing a party is overwhelming
on this day, so maybe just relax and indulge yourself instead. There’s no crime in
staying home in your sweats and watching a movie or enjoying a glass of wine. Taking
time for yourself is an excellent demonstration of self-love and self-care – both
important things on Valentine’s Day and every day.
● Give the love: Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic love…it’s a celebration of any
love. Call your best friend, send flowers to your aunt or take your pet to the dog park –
all of these things show love to someone special in your life. The more love we give, the
more open we are and the more likely we are to get love back.
● Find new love: If you’re single but looking for someone special, use this time to take
the steps to improve your dating life. Whether you sign up for an online dating site,
work with a dating coach or matchmaker, reflect on past relationships, or just make
plans for the future, taking any step is admirable. Being single is not a bad thing, it’s
just a step in your journey to finding love, if that’s your goal.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person can be fun, if you choose to make it that way. Just get out there and have a ball…no matter what your relationship status!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re of the single scene and are looking for love, help from a professional can be just
what you need to get back out there in a successful, heart-centered way.

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