There are myriad reasons to vacation in Florida and many more to live in the Sunshine State. One the things that makes the difference is that no matter how unpredictable the weather might turn out to be, it is unquestionable that Florida is where you can make any event happen successfully.

The Slide the City event that took place on February 14 (Yes, on Valentine’s Day) is the first ever in West Palm Beach and one of the 10 more events happening in Florida this year. When volunteers to the event were setting everything up in the early hours of the Saturday morning, they even were wearing jackets because it was cold. With the temperatures in the 40’s and expected to be no more than 63° at its highest during the day, anyone might feel deterred to give in to what turned to be of the most-fun-ever events. All the photos below (and more in our Facebook Page) prove how fun it was and how people braved the chilly air to splash into shallow waters and slide down all the way along the 500 block of Clematis Street.

WPB Mayor Jeri Muoio at Slide the City – ©Tery Sturgell – VisitWPB/WPB Magazine

Slide the City was a fun day for everyone in West Palm Beach. Kids, teenagers, adults, they all had fun on this day where love and friendship is celebrated as a much needed fact. Merchants on Clematis Street must have seen an increase in their revenues today thanks to the enthusiastic crowd that settled in for the event. Residents of West Palm Beach beat the oddball this weekend with an event that evoked the real nature of West Palm Beach, a fun and happy city by the Waterfront.

By the way, Kapoya Energy Drink says that if you’re wanting to do something and have fun, then they are the right one for it. Well, this sugar free energy drink really made us feel the kick in this chilly Valentine’s Day.

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Slide the City Was a Fun Day for Everyone in West Palm Beach. Photos and Videos of February 14th, The Most Fun day Ever in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida