How could you answer this question? If you could only use one, what Social Network would you prefer to use? Though there are many social nets out on the market, this question should not be tough to answer.

The revolution of the social media is really important. A basic principle could be that social media allows people stay in touch with each other more easily, as well as reconnect with people they may have once known but have lost contact with. A secondary principle will be that social media allows people sharing what they, find or like in an intrepidly fast way. A few words, a photo or a small video could go “viral” in matters of seconds and be popular and be seen by thousands, even millions all over the world.

Besides these basic principles of communication, social media has enhanced and transformed marketing is done. Business nowadays have a tangible approach to marketing their products and services directly to an audience that can interact and manipulate what they perceive.

[quote_right]Social Media is diminishing the role of emails at a gargantuan pace, leaving it reduced to mostly business, bank statements, and pay-bill reminders.[/quote_right]

The internet is dominated by a handful of Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. Some of them are making sure that if a new social network appears to blossom is purchased to avoid losing subscribers’ interests. And without getting too statistical about it, everyone with a computer or mobile electronic device is using at least one a social network.

There has been quite a few social networks looming up lately and some others getting a complete revamp to make them look like a phoenix. Most people did not like the changes Foursquare did and have not followed or used its new Swarm app. Ello is passing by unnoticeable. Snapchat is no fast that only teens can handle it, and Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust is so apathetically strenuous to understand.

Hey, Social Media is part of our lives. Nothing feels better than commuting early in the morning connected to the buzz on Twitter, where most folks have a reason now not to get frustrated on the road when traffic jam hits them at rush hour. Sport fans have the idyllic method to vent their joy if their team is winning or blow a fuse when they lose, even directly tagging responsible the players. Facebook is the place to gossip freely, looking to see what people are freaking out about and who has had another baby. It is the best birthday reminder for the oblivious mind and the land of blunders: “calling sick at work but swimming at a beach in California. Gotcha! The boss is not working at 9PM here when it is still 5 in the afternoon in L.A. beaches”. Instagram is entertaining but people can’t seem to follow a visual conversation for too long and sometimes they forget that it exists.

Have you ever wondered how many people use social networks and their app or digital services? The list of social networks is large and excludes dating websites. The most popular social networking sites sure have changed over the years and expect them to continue to change as times goes on.

If you are asked: What Social Network would you prefer to use? Which will be your answer? You can leave your reply in below:

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There are Many Social Medias. What Social Network Would You Prefer to Use? See What Social Network People in West Palm Beach Would like to Use the Most