Friday, January 22, 2021

Spending Quality Time with Friends in the City

Quality time with friends is important, and we have a way to make it happen in West Palm Beach!

Free time today is sacred, a precious commodity that so many of us worry about spending well. But if you go to the GreenMarket in Downtown West Palm Beach on Saturday mornings, you will realize finding time for yourself and making time for your friends won’t be that hard!

Our GreenMarket offers an inclusive atmosphere for everyone, rewarded with gorgeous views of the waterfront. At the great lawn you can create your own picnic-style moment of zen or just find something delicious to treat your friends to. Families can also find their space to chat while kids play.

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If your previous options to spend quality time with friends included meeting at the track, trail, gym, or yoga studio, now you have a different approach. Think about it!

If you visit, check this link before.



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