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Stash House Market, Creative Vegan Food in Northwood Village

Stash House Market, Creative Vegan Food in Northwood Village

Stash House Market, Creative Vegan Food in Northwood Village

In a modest brightly colored eatery in a plaza on Northwood Road, some very high-end sophisticated food is being made by Chef Jorge Goicochea. The place is Stash House Market, which opens for dinner and late nights with plenty of takeaway options. This creative vegan food is a total concept from the artfully plated dishes to very creative adult beverages.

Chef Jorge’s main focus is to provide guests with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to eating flavorful, high-quality dishes. 

“I am aiming my menu at those who may be transitioning from eating a bit of everything to a more vegan market,” he says. “My presentation is from an origin of health and animal consciousness with a focus on flavor and a great dining experience with ambiance and certain kind of zen-ness. The food is not a sideshow, I want people to sit, have some wine or an agave wine margarita, and a nice dinner. I am using the best of South Florida produce to make meals that are aimed at a fusion of what the biggest ethnic groups here eat whether it’s Asian or Southern or just a great burger. I want to make those work with plant-based menus using local ingredients that are sustainable.”

Chef Jorge’s love for food began at a very early age, fascinated with flavors and the art of taking simple ingredients to create delicious meals. He attributes his love for cooking, to his grandmother. He says he is also influenced by visual art in the way he plates the food, evident in dishes like the Aziz Salad where warm vegetables are presented in a square layered shape with a large slice of cauliflower Milanese angled on top with a citrus vinaigrette ladled around it. Pistachio nuts are an added crunchy surprise in this wonderful flavorful salad.

Stash House Market, Creative Vegan Food in Northwood Village
Chef Jorge Goicochea preparing food

The sweet little Japanese ball-shaped dumplings are another visual winner, nestled together and topped with green onions and pickled ginger. The creamy sauce lends a tasty, savory flavor to the mushrooms and veggies added into the dumplings.

The presentation of two dumplings filled with butternut squash and kale and ricotta cheese looked like a Mark Rothko paintings with two kinds of sauce – a bright garlic flecked kale pesto and a burnt butter sage one. The sweetness of the squash with the tang of the pesto was particularly good.

Main courses are something so unreal they’re impossible! For example, the Impossible Burger is made in several different ways here and changes with the seasons. I had never tried one before and it’s hard to believe this plant-based patty that tastes like beef is made from soy protein, coconut oil, and potato protein, making it also gluten-free. Served on a bun with cheese, lettuce, and tomato it was totally delicious and satisfying. Other options include ones served with mojo onion, string potato chips and side of yucca cheese croquettes.

Impossible Burger served ar Stash House Market, a new creative Vegan food eatery in Northwood Village

 “I realized there are not many burger places in Northwood since Relish closed and wanted to make some plant-based options available,” Chef Jorge says. “I’ll have a total of six versions soon.”

One of the chef’s choices at Stash House Market is the seasonal sashimi plate and the twice-baked mac and Fondue Cheese (not real cheese) with pink peppercorn pickled vegetables and a baguette.

Agave wine margarita has long been popular in Mexico and is growing in popularity in the States. Stash House Market also serves this alcoholic beverage with tangy lime juice and slices, rimmed around the glass edge with a mixture of cayenne, coconut oil and lime juice for an unexpected tangy, spicy pop with every sip.

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Stash House Market, Creative Vegan Food in Northwood Village
Agave wine margarita served at Stash House Market

Chef Jorge’s passion for experimental foods and his work ethic, was a catalyst for his career in positions as Saucier and Executive Chef at top Miami restaurants, all while working for and being mentored by some of the most respected chefs in the world. In addition to working at restaurants, Jorge has successfully run two catering companies. While pleased with his various experiences in the culinary industry, Jorge dreamed of opening his own restaurant. This opportunity will allow him to create and implement his own menu, facilitate a true farm to table experience, and curate the best of Florida, to be featured alongside his dishes on the menu.

The location of Stash House Market, tucked into a plaza, is an ideal starter. A bright mural of flamingos and colored lights make the eatery light and homey. With the advances in the Northwood neighborhood as a new edgy place to try new cuisines, it’s a perfect fit.

If you visit, Stash House is located at 430 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, 33407. Check their website for information on their services, menu, and more updates.

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